Sex Education Lessons Were Completely Useless

Sex Education Lessons Were Completely Useless
Sex Education Lessons Were Completely Useless

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Sex education lessons in schools don't work, the researchers found. There is no evidence that education programs of this kind reduce the incidence of STDs or teenage pregnancies.

In recent years, authorities in many countries around the world have begun to introduce sex education classes in schools, where high school students are taught methods of contraception and ways to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. Many experts were convinced that this kind of educational initiative would have a very positive impact on the health situation of adolescents, but the study showed that nothing of the kind happened.

The incidence of HIV, other STDs and sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents remains stable, despite all sex education. The number of teenage pregnancies is not declining, as shown by a study by scientists from York University, conducted among 55,000 students in England, Scotland, South Africa, Chile, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

However, the same group of researchers found that bribes are the most effective tactics in the fight for the sexual health of adolescents. For example, in some English schools, students were paid £ 30 a week to stay in school after school. Thus, they had less time for all sorts of risky meetings and connections. All this led to the fact that among the participants in this experiment, the number of STDs significantly decreased.

The study also found that schools that offer sexuality education but don’t give out free condoms didn’t see the slightest change in sexually transmitted diseases or teenage pregnancies. (READ MORE)

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