Top 15 Sex Scenes From Movies Worth Repeating

Top 15 Sex Scenes From Movies Worth Repeating
Top 15 Sex Scenes From Movies Worth Repeating

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Admit it, you watch some moments in your favorite films several times. Especially the sex scenes. Imagine if you set a goal and repeat this at home? You don't have to be a stuntman here, just the desire and initiative partner is enough. Here are some of the hottest movie scenes that you should definitely try to replicate!

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith", 2005

How do you like the option with an imaginary firefight and an ardent reconciliation after? Just take care of your heads and knees! Sometimes it is useful to hit the joint in a fit of passion, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

"9 1/2 weeks", 1985

Well, everything is clear here. We think that you do not even need to indicate the points that are worth repeating. Of course, striptease with You Can Leave Your Hat On has not been canceled, but games with food and sex in the rain are also worth a try.

Bitter Moon, 1992

Do not overshadow life and role-playing games in the style of "Bitter Moon". Most likely, he won't mind if you suddenly tied him to a chair and glue his mouth. I bet you always wanted to do this if he started wailing about how late you were at your girlfriend's birthday party? The effect can be fixed with crazy dancing.

Dirty Dancing, 1987

Even if you are not good at ballroom dancing, you can pretend that no one is dancing cooler than you. It is not necessary to perform complex supports, but the process of preparing for the most interesting is always exciting.

"Temptation", 2001

You know what scene we're talking about. The counter isn't even in the bathroom. All the fun between Antonio Banderas (54) and Angelina Jolie (40) happens in bed. The main thing here is to make sure that the bed does not break through the wall into the next apartment.

American Beauty, 1999

You can test how well your imagination works with American Beauty. Of course, it is desirable that all this should not take place in a dream, as in Kevin Spacey's (55), but in reality. Well, robbing a flower shop would not hurt.

"Pretty Woman", 1990

Nothing is as exciting as music. Especially if your beloved performs it. The famous stage with the piano will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. Don't have a piano? Here imagination will come to the rescue again. Someone, for example, actively operates a washing machine

Eyes Wide Shut, 1999

Here you can go straight through the list. The scenes from this film will definitely breathe something new into the relationship. Rumor has it that, despite the breakup of Tom Cruise (52) and Nicole Kidman (48) immediately after filming, they could not get rid of each other for a long time. Start with a moment in front of the mirror.

"Road of Change", 2008

Quick sex is sometimes exciting too. Especially after a fight. And if in "Titanic" Leonardo DiCaprio (40) and Kate Winslet (39) were very modest, then in "Road of Change" they showed everything they were capable of. How do you like having sex in the kitchen? Just put the pans and knives away.

"The Astronaut's Wife", 1999

Public sex? No problem! Watching Charlize Theron (39), whose heroine has just met her changed husband (Johnny Depp (52)) from a space trip, you feel goosebumps. And what difference does it make that someone can catch them at any moment!

Basic Instinct, 1992

And again about sharp objects. More than Sharon Stone (57), only Michael Douglas (70) attracts attention here. Invite your chosen one to take the initiative into their own hands, be unexpected, courageous and not resist if something crazy comes into your head.

Wild Orchid, 1989

An evening dress with thin spaghetti straps will come in handy. And he got a cigar. Then everything is according to the script.

"Ghost", 1990

Do you have a unifying hobby? Anything will do here: from photography to football (dress up in his uniform). Of course, pottery is ideal.This is not only exciting, but also useful: the dishes will not be spared.

"40 days and 40 nights", 2002

Not only girls, flowers make you feel a storm of emotions. Here's Josh Hartnett (36) who had to abstain from sex. You, of course, can not suffer for so long. Long foreplay, however, never hurts.

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