The Most Ridiculous Reasons For Divorce

The Most Ridiculous Reasons For Divorce
The Most Ridiculous Reasons For Divorce

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Video: Divorce Lawyers Share The Stupidest Reasons Someone Filed For Divorce (r/AskReddit) 2023, February

Recently, it has become fashionable to go to a family psychologist. Many couples on the verge of divorce go to a specialist to help them solve their problems. In most cases, this is a truly global misunderstanding between spouses, which cannot be figured out on our own.


But there are also quite trifling problems that are not worth a damn. But for some reason people do not understand that they themselves create an abyss of problems in their family life. IA "Express-Novosti" became aware of the most ridiculous reasons because of which the spouses started talking about divorce.

There are a lot of jokes about dirty socks that are scattered around the apartment. But as you know, there is some truth in every joke. Of course, a woman will not go with the documents to the registry office after the first pair of dirty socks found under the bed. However, years of persuasion to put worn items in a laundry basket can infuriate any housewife.

But men are also very ambitious creatures, and can file for divorce if their spouse does not start removing her hair from the drain in the bathroom.

The third most ridiculous reason for divorce is healthy eating. Many women are so addicted to diets that they forget that men need meat and fatty foods, because he is a male and a real predator. After several months of hunger strike, husbands begin to look to the side, and many even abandon their families.

But psychologist Elena Semenova told about the most original reason. Her clients are a couple who have lived together for five years and are going to get divorced due to the fact that his wife drives a car sloppy. My husband is tired of leaving huge sums in the car service every month due to the fact that the girl constantly falls into road holes and the suspension becomes unusable. She also does not know how to park at all and constantly scratches the family car.

By the way, the psychologist helped to find a solution to the problem, she simply advised the girl every month to leave all the funds set aside for a beauty salon for visiting a car repair shop. After a couple of months of such therapy, the woman signed up for refresher courses for motorists and began to drive more accurately.

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