On Schedule. What Time Is Best For Making Love

On Schedule. What Time Is Best For Making Love
On Schedule. What Time Is Best For Making Love

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Psychologist Evgeny Tarasov told Sobesednik.ru about the most favorable time of day for having sex.


Sexual desires (and, to some extent, sexual performance) depend not only on the psychological mood for lovemaking, but also on factors such as age, weather, menstrual irregularities, climate change, too much work in the family or at work. Decreased libido (intimate desire) can also develop against the background of pregnancy, deterioration of the general condition of the body, medication or hormonal disorders.

A warning!

Although now there are many drugs to increase sexual activity in women, it is better to resort to such means not at the insistence of a partner, but after understanding with experts the reasons for unwillingness to make love.

However (which not all women know), their desire for intimacy also depends on the internal clock. The fact is that sexual desires are controlled by one of the nerve centers in the human brain and, depending on the time of day, gives the command to release more or less hormones. And it is clear that the more hormones, the stronger the sexual desire.

That is why every person should know their "love schedule". We will briefly present the "average" graph.

Love graph

From 6:00 - a man's sexual desire is the greatest, potency too. The maximum amount of male hormones is released into the bloodstream. But the woman, on the contrary, is still sleepy. Her sex glands are just beginning to awaken.

From 9:00 - the woman's sex glands also wake up, and she begins to feel desire. And the man's desire has not cooled down yet. This time is the most ideal time for love games.

13: 00-15: 00 is the lowest point in the sexual performance of women and men. The blood pressure is lowered, the sex glands are resting.

From 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the most suitable time for intimacy comes again. Both the woman and the man again feel the same uplift as after 9:00.

21: 00-22: 00 - this time for most men is more suitable for watching TV than for intimate activities. Male hormones are tired and getting ready for bed. But women by 22:00 are seized by a passion of love. Alas, she is late with her desires - her man is already beginning to struggle with sleep.

From 23:00 to 24:00 - by midnight, the bodies of not only men, but also women want to rest, intending to surrender not to the pleasures of love, but to the arms of Morpheus, and, therefore, it is time to take a break from making love even to the most insatiable love couples.

Of course, this "love schedule" is applicable to that main group of people who, in terms of their energy, make up the majority and belong to the so-called pigeons. While the notorious larks and owls need to correct this "schedule" in one direction or another.

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