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For more than 10 years in Omsk, however, as in all of Russia, there has been a stir around the "magic" dates of marriage registration. Young couples believe that if they get married on such a day, their life together will be long and happy.


On June 8, there was a stir in the Omsk registry offices. Everyone wanted to apply for 08.08.2018. But is it worth it to strive so hard for these "magic" dates?

Mystical dates

Every year, couples of lovers who want to get married on such days literally storm the doors of the Omsk registry offices, stand in line from the evening of the previous day, are on duty, just to be among the lucky ones and sign on the "magic" day. We are talking about such dates in which the digits of the day, month and year coincide, for example, 05/05/2005, 04/14/2014, 07/07/2017, etc.

According to statistics, in 2007, the Omsk region was simply seized by "marriage fever": on July 7, about 130 couples were registered in the region, of which only 50 were registered in the Soviet registry office.

07.07.2017 the excitement reached its climax. According to Natalia Bilyachenko, head of the registry office of the main state legal department of the Omsk region, 215 marriages were registered in the region that day, of which 139 were in Omsk, 76 were in municipal districts.

In 2018, the date 08.08.2018 falls on Wednesday. It would seem that it is not very convenient to have fun in the middle of the week, but lovers still strive to get married on this very day.

To register a marriage, an application can be submitted in person, this is done two months before the date of the wedding. On June 8, registry office employees accepted applications for the "mystical" 08.08.2018. It should be said that not everyone is lucky. The central registry office recorded only 12 couples for this date, the rest had to be content with other days.

Now young couples have the opportunity to apply for marriage in the district MFC and through the website of public services. This is done in two months and three days. However, the chances are minimal that the couple will be able to sign up for a happy wedding date - there are too many applicants. But quotas do not exist - just not every registry office can have free time. This is subject to the availability of formal registration rooms. In some institutions, for example, in the registry office of the Kirov district of the city of Omsk, the marriage is registered in the office. This may not suit a couple planning a celebration with a large number of guests.

Divorce statistics

One would think that marriages registered on "magic" dates would be especially strong, that these are unions for life, but statistics show a different picture.

“If we talk about the number of divorced marriages, which were concluded on beautiful dates, this figure ranges from 20 to 37%,” explained Natalya Bilyachenko. - For example, in 2007 37% of marriages concluded on 07.07 were dissolved. Of the marriages registered on 08.08.2008, 30% ended in divorce. In 2009, 32% of the couples who got married on 9 September divorced, and in 2012 - 21%”.

The most important thing is love

As we can see, the magic of the date does not save you from divorce. So the main thing in a marriage is not the day of its registration, but the presence of love, respect and mutual understanding.

But if you want to bring a little mysticism into life, you can turn to astrology. By the way, in some countries of the East there is still a tradition to consult an astrologer on the choice of spouses and registration of marriage.



Alena Pushkareva, astro-psychologist: “If you are guided by numerology when choosing a wedding date, then you need to do it wisely. The compatibility of people also plays an important role. And if two brawlers decided to sign on 07.07.07, then no sevens will help here. Although seven is really the number of an angel. Eight is infinity. But this does not mean that if there are three of them, it is infinity in a cube. This is also karma, and not only your own. Remember the influence of the moon. The luckiest numbers are 5, 7, 10 and 13."

P.S. There is one more date ahead - 08/18/2018. Will the lovers take the registry offices under siege on June 18, or will common sense prevail?

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