7 Intriguing Facts About Sexual Fantasies

7 Intriguing Facts About Sexual Fantasies
7 Intriguing Facts About Sexual Fantasies

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The natural need for sex, plus the opportunity to get even closer to our partner, pushes us into fantasies of this kind. You should not be ashamed - such thoughts visit every other person. Better find out something interesting about sexual fantasies.


1. Men are twice as likely to think about sex than women

In 2002, the Journal of Sex Research cited curious numbers: men think about sex on average 19 times a day (women - no more than 10 times). True, it turned out that thoughts about food and sleep visit the stronger sex with a similar regularity. From which we can conclude that guys in general are more likely to be led by their weaknesses. Or the concepts of "feelings" and "desires" are interchangeable for them.

2. People fantasize about the same thing

For example, an offer to have sex in threesomes is much more arousing than the idea of ​​throwing a jet at a partner during intercourse. But the division along gender lines can still be traced. For example, according to a 2014 study, most women would like to have sex in a romantic setting, while men are more likely to think about oral sex or having sex with two girls.

3. Emotions are important for women

Back in 1995, the Psychological Bulletin magazine cited the following data: indulging in fantasies, ladies visualize with special care the touch, feelings of a partner, physical and emotional lift during contact, the atmosphere and circumstances in which sex occurs. An imaginary partner, as a rule, is a person with whom a woman is (or has) a close relationship. It was also noted that it is important for girls to clearly represent certain characteristics of her partner, for example, his phased emotional and sexual arousal. We would venture to suggest that nothing has changed since the last century.

4. Women fantasize more often during ovulation

It is understandable: during this period we are obsessed with thoughts about sex, libido is off scale. The Archives of Sexual Behavior magazine published this study: in the first half of the cycle, when estrogen levels rise, women are more aroused by physiology. And with the onset of ovulation, fantasies become more daring, with an emphasis on emotions.

5. The stronger sex is open to experimentation

Unsurprisingly, the thought of sex can make a man's imagination run wild. In 2014, an experiment was carried out, which showed that out of 55 proposed ideas for sex, the guys showed a genuine interest in almost all options, and without hesitation were ready to share their fantasies, specifying that they would gladly try to implement many of them.

6. It is equally important for men and women to have romantic feelings.

The presence of romance plays a significant role for both sexes. In a 2014 poll, it was found that 88% of men and 92% of women consider feelings an integral part of sexual relations. Moreover, 78% of men and 85% of women expressed a desire to make love in places that are conducive to romance. It can be assumed that, indulging in fantasies, representatives of both sexes present their other half as a partner (how cute!).

7. Relationship with your loved one determines the nature of your fantasies

The journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin published data that sexual fantasies can tell a lot about the feelings between partners, as well as about the peculiarities of their behavior in relationships.

For example, in couples where people felt strong affection for each other, fantasies prevailed, reflecting their emotional closeness and mutual love.On the contrary, partners experiencing a fear of a breakup were immersed in aggressive fantasies devoid of an emotional component. Thoughts on the topic of sex not only reveal a person's fleshly desires, but also help to understand relationships and feelings in a couple.

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