Sex, Love, Family: Frankly About The Innermost

Sex, Love, Family: Frankly About The Innermost
Sex, Love, Family: Frankly About The Innermost

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BAKU, 23 Dec - Sputnik. It's no secret that intimate life is an integral part of family life. Of course, the main thing is love, however, no one canceled a healthy passion.


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In private conversations, women compare the capabilities of their faithful. Those whose betrothed is a "master of his craft" in bed do not hide a noticeable pleasure on their faces when talking about his "abilities." Those who are "less fortunate" sometimes prefer to remain silent when they talk about "strawberries", according to Sputnik Moldova.

What women talk about

The opinion of scientists is, of course, important. And they can state the recommended duration of intercourse purely from a scientific point of view. However, the opinion of the participants in the love process is also important.

As a result of a survey conducted in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles among three and a half thousand American women, it was found that the fairer sex is more demanding on the quality of sex than their partners.

So, according to 30% of women surveyed, ideal sex should last 25 minutes 40 seconds. Meanwhile, 26% of the fairer sex said that 17 minutes was enough for them. The remaining 24% turned out to be more prosaic in love pleasures, saying that the standard 10-12 minutes is enough for them. The other 20% of the women surveyed generally said that they do not get any pleasure from sex, so they found it difficult to answer the question about the desired duration of it.

What men from different countries are capable of

In fact, intercourse in humans is much shorter. Paradoxically, the most passionate lovers, according to sexologists, are the British. Either traditional oatmeal gives them such strength, or gravity and equanimity save nerves, but the average duration of love pleasures for men from Foggy Albion is up to 16 minutes 38 seconds. On a par with them, according to sex therapists, are men from the United States, their "break for passion" stretches to 15 minutes 30 seconds.

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Men from Eastern European countries give in to the West: so the average duration of intercourse for men from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia is about 12-14 minutes. Representatives of the stronger sex from Moldova, according to sexologists, are less hardy in bed: they are given only 8-10 minutes for passion.

Oddly enough, but passionate Spaniards and Italians close the chain of sexual stamina. Either they are too emotional and impulsive, or the southern wine makes itself felt, but they are able to "keep the brand" only from 6 to 8 minutes.

At the very tail of this erotic rating, according to experts, men from Denmark and Norway are weaving: they only have enough endurance for 5-6 minutes of love.

Meanwhile, sexologists say that the optimal duration of intercourse should be 10-12 minutes. In this case, partners can get maximum pleasure and not be left with the feeling of disappointment, which usually remains after a long intercourse, when both partners are squeezed out like a lemon.

Is sex really a drug?

A number of psychotherapists claim the existence of such a phenomenon as sex addiction. Sexaholics exist, and the attachment to systematic lovemaking, according to doctors, is several tens of times higher than the dependence on strong drugs.

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However, men tend to fall into this category of dependent people.It turned out that the dependence on sex among the representatives of the strong half of humanity is three times greater than among women, and the effect of pleasure received by men from intercourse is 20 times higher than the effect of the most powerful tranquilizers.

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