Nyusha Played A Wedding In The Maldives

Nyusha Played A Wedding In The Maldives
Nyusha Played A Wedding In The Maldives

Video: Nyusha Played A Wedding In The Maldives


In January, the singer Nyusha officially announced her engagement to Igor Sivov. The singer has been dating the president of the International University Sports Federation since last year and according to friends, the couple have really strong feelings. Now the lovers have registered a relationship and had a gorgeous wedding.

Nyusha is now a married lady. This conclusion was made by secular observers based on the results of monitoring Instagram. Videos of the newlyweds' dance and photos suspiciously similar to weddings appeared on the network. But the most important thing is that on that very finger of the star there is now a ring, very similar to an engagement ring.

According to one version, the ceremony took place in the Maldives. In mid-July, the couple legalized their relationship in one of the registry offices in Kazan. According to Life, the celebration in the Maldives lasted three days. At a pre-wedding dinner in a Japanese restaurant, the guests and the bride and groom appeared in white outfits. The day after the wedding, the singer and her husband had a beach party at the Fish, Crab & Shark restaurant.

Previously, Nyusha has repeatedly emphasized that she feels completely comfortable next to Igor. “I can say that now next to me is a person who has exceeded all my expectations. I have never experienced such feelings before."

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