Julia Proskuryakova Revealed The Truth About Meeting Igor Nikolaev

Julia Proskuryakova Revealed The Truth About Meeting Igor Nikolaev
Julia Proskuryakova Revealed The Truth About Meeting Igor Nikolaev

Video: Julia Proskuryakova Revealed The Truth About Meeting Igor Nikolaev

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Only after 10 years of living together with the artist, his third wife admitted that their relationship did not develop quickly and not even passionately. The romance between Nikolaev and Proskuryakova began almost a year after they met. Until that time, they just talked, and the girl did not see her fate in the popular composer and singer.


Proskuryakova and Nikolaev, indeed, met at his concert in Yekaterinburg, as reported in the official version of their acquaintance. However, Julia was not a fan of a celebrity, and at the end of his performance she came to the artist's dressing room to argue - the aspiring singer decided to prove to her friend, with whom she came to a cultural event, that it would not be difficult for her to sing to the venerable performer one-on-one.

As Igor Nikolaev later admitted, he could not refuse Proskuryakova, because she looked very touching. And then the singer and composer asked the girl to bring a CD with her compositions to his hotel room. There was no intimacy between them. The pop star, who was 22 years older than Yulia, just talked to her. Their communication continued after the departure of the pop artist.

By the time of the meeting with Nikolaev, Proskuryakova, as such, had no experience of communicating with men. Peers offered the girl to meet, but because of her overly rational approach to organizing leisure time, they cooled off faster than she agreed to spend time with them. Fate did not reduce with people of the opposite sex much older than Yulia before meeting Igor, so she did not even immediately understand what aroused the celebrity's interest.

And then there was a move to Moscow. In 2006, Julia tried to conquer the Russian musical Olympus. She took part in a television project that was looking for celebrities, but was unable to "unwind". Therefore, she gave up hopes for creative victories and began to work as a lawyer. She continued to communicate with Igor Nikolaev, but as with an acquaintance, no more.

“There were flowers and gifts on his part, but there was also distrust. It seemed to me that he was either kidding, or in a fatherly way wants to help,”the pop star's wife recalled.

So the year of Proskuryakova's life in the capital passed. And then she and a group of friends went to the cinema to see Saw 3. Nikolaev was also in this company. In the middle of the session, Yulia's friends left the hall, and when another terrible scene appeared on the screen, the frightened girl grabbed the maestro by the hand. He kissed her back.

“Then butterflies appeared in my stomach, I forgot about everything. From that moment our story began,”said Proskuryakova.

Nikolaev began to rent an apartment for his beloved, and after the "lapping" he transported her things to his house. In 2010, the couple legalized the relationship, and in 2015 they had a daughter.

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