TV Shows That Broadened Our Understanding Of Sex

TV Shows That Broadened Our Understanding Of Sex
TV Shows That Broadened Our Understanding Of Sex

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Rita Zheleznyakova, editor and journalist, the last romantic of planet Earth


As Sarah Jessica Parker intriguingly posts new stills from Sex and the City on her Instagram, we look back on TV shows that talk about and have sex more often than any other.

"Sex education"

Otis is not the most popular teenager in school, but he has a real talent for understanding people and solving their sex problems. This is what the guy is doing, turning an abandoned school toilet into a psychotherapy room. High school students in the series have sex with might and main, so they turn to Otis not for education in sexual matters, but with problems that can happen to anyone: one cannot finish, the other is embarrassed to engage in sex in the light. A teenage sexologist turns out to be surprisingly in demand, and each episode we monitor how he solves a particular professional problem. At the same time, Otis himself is a shy virgin, secretly in love with the wildest girl in school.

"Masters of Sex"

The events of the series take place in America in the 50s, when conversations about sex excite and drive into color, and the study of the nature of sex can bring the Nobel Prize. Dr. William Masters and his efficient secretary Virginia are real people, they became the authors of the book "Fundamentals of Sexology." To investigate human arousal, the researchers recruit volunteers who are willing to have sex and masturbate while wearing sensors. At the same time, the doctor is a cracker, a pedant and a notorious misanthrope, and the assistant is a liberated and sincere divorcee with two children.

"Sex and the City"

Curious "sexy anthropologist" Kerry Bradshaw has a column on the relationship between the sexes. For almost the first time on television, the series speaks frankly about strange social norms, reveals urban female neuroses and, most importantly, proves that you can not be the prettiest and youngest in the world, unmarried and twitchy, but happy, damn it. Sex and the City is much more about relationships in great, beautiful New York than about sex. More precisely, sex is something more universal and all-encompassing here that binds people together. Or not, because the theme of loneliness pulsates in all seasons. Expectations and dreams had to be smashed to smithereens more than once, men betrayed and turned out to be the wrong ones, some loves evaporated even before breakfast, but four women were always in a magical bundle with each other. Six seasons about the fragile dreamer Kerry, the good girl Charlotte, the sexy diva Samantha and the practical Miranda are the best fairy tale about friendship of the late 90s.

"Game of Thrones"

An epic saga with a phenomenal rating has included fantasy, political thriller, several dramas of growing up, released a dozen storylines with crowds of ambivalent characters who had as much sex as they wanted. "Game of Thrones" from the first season amazed with explicit erotic scenes, which in the first two seasons caused a wow effect. Then the audience got used to everything, perhaps that is why the erotic scene between the heroes, who had long been drawn - one from the South, the second from the North - to each other, turned out to be so dispassionate.

Orange Is the New Black

Decent girl Piper Chapman was imprisoned for fifteen months for drug trafficking. The series began as a story of concrete survival in a women's prison, but then expanded and by the sixth season introduced us to the ins and outs of dozens of women who found themselves in places not so distant for a variety of reasons.And romance and sexual relations with guards, visitors and each other became the main entertainment at Lichfield Prison, along with power struggles and the desire to free themselves.


A drama about a family writer who, at more than forty years old, went crazy with a passion for an injured waitress. It turned out that this is not a midlife crisis, but a great love. By the way, both. Moreover, the opinion about the situation in "Lovers" can change dramatically at one moment, because the viewer observes the serial world either through the eyes of a man or from the perspective of a woman. Keeping track of the passionate, secret relationships of people of less than ideal Hollywood beauty (starring Dominic West and Ruth Wilson) has proven immensely fascinating.

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