How To Have Sex On The Table: 3 Top Tips

How To Have Sex On The Table: 3 Top Tips
How To Have Sex On The Table: 3 Top Tips

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A new poll found that the most popular position that every woman would like to try is sex with a partner sitting on a table and a man acting while standing in front of her. A scientific explanation has been found for the attractiveness of this position. Sexologist Ian Kerner notes that the primary advantage of sex on the table is the possibility of easy, compared to other positions, clitoral stimulation.


But how can you make your dream come true and not spoil the mood of both participants in the process? To understand which tables are best for sex, we spoke with an expert. Pat Liska, carpenter and chief designer of Liska Construction, knows what exemplary characteristics a table should have, which is suitable for such sometimes difficult but enjoyable business like sex.

1. Height

It is advisable that the table is approximately equal to the waist of your man. A kitchen table, which is approximately 75 centimeters high, is most suitable for this. If the partner is slightly below the average height, it is worth giving preference to a low table - 70 centimeters, for example. Choose one that is close to the wall. If there is no such thing, then it can be moved.

2. Surface material

Glass can slip and interfere with comfortable sex. Also try to avoid cheap tables that you or your man put together yourself. They are often made from a fragile wood chip material, and voids in it can create awkward squeaky sounds. (Speaking of slip: don't forget about lubricants if you need them.)

3. Table legs

There is a risk that the table on thin or screw supports will become unstable during the process. This will lead to collapse - it can collapse even before the climax of the process.

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