5 Secrets To Diversify Your Sex Life

5 Secrets To Diversify Your Sex Life
5 Secrets To Diversify Your Sex Life

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You are used to acting in bed according to a knurled pattern, and you probably already know that one thing will follow another. Change the algorithm of actions! Let the already familiar tricks, worked out over the years, go in a different order. This approach will open up new sensations for you and give you an impetus to experiment in the bedroom.

Do it quick

If you have never practiced fast sex, now is the time to do it. Fast sex concentrates emotions, and therefore promises drive in itself. No preludes and conversations, only unpredictability and a flurry of emotions!

Mothers in Detstran discuss:

We have sex, and a child is on the doorstep …

Is it possible to have sex if the child is sleeping nearby?

I change and I can no longer be silent

Change location

Supplement the previous point of our tips with an unusual place for sexual pleasures for your couple. Leave the bedroom (this can be done when the kids are not at home) and do this in the bathroom, in front of the mirrored cabinet, on the kitchen table, in the back of the car, and so on. Even a rare change of scenery can rekindle a spark in a relationship.

Part for a little while

Business trips, trips to mom or just a separate vacation is a great opportunity to bring freshness and novelty to sexual relations. Part each other for a couple of days, do not call each other and do not correspond this time. We guarantee that when your spouse meets you at the station, his eyes will glow just like on the first date!

Conduct spicy correspondence

Of course, you text during the day, informing you that you will be late at work, ask to pick up the baby from kindergarten or buy bread for dinner. Try one day to discard routine conversations and switch to piquant messages. Write obscenities to each other. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can overheat. In small doses, communicate what you would do with your partner, where you would do it and when.

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