In One Gate: Signs That A Woman Is Unhappy In Bed

In One Gate: Signs That A Woman Is Unhappy In Bed
In One Gate: Signs That A Woman Is Unhappy In Bed

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Intimacy is considered an important aspect of a relationship, but things don't always go smoothly in the bedroom. Delivering real pleasure to women is somewhat more difficult than to men, but ladies are afraid of offending a partner and therefore are often silent about not getting the desired pleasure from sex. Subsequently, this can negatively affect the relationship between the beloved.

Haste during sex

If a man offers a girl intimacy, and she prefers to give up foreplay and go straight to business, this may indicate that not everything is so smooth in bed. Of course, periodically spontaneous and quick sex is appropriate, but if this is repeated regularly, then the lady wants everything to end as quickly as possible. Sex is like a meal, when the main thing is not to fill your stomach, but to enjoy the process.

A hint of innovation

If a woman actively hints that she wants to change something in the bedroom, then it is best to listen to this request, which will have a positive effect on intimate life. Such hints indicate that the initiative or standard postures coming from the man do not bring the partner the proper pleasure.

Reasons for refusal

Undoubtedly, sometimes a girl may have a headache or she gets tired after work, but if the partner constantly finds "excuses" when it comes to sex, then the partner should be wary. If a woman refuses intimacy, this does not mean that she is not in the mood for pleasure. Perhaps she just doesn't like doing this to you.

No intimacy after sex

If after sex the girl prefers to get up and go to the bathroom or turn away, then it is very likely that she did not get pleasure from the process. After a good orgasm, almost everyone just wants to cuddle up exhaustedly to their partner and enjoy the moment, and not act as if they were forced to do a routine.

No orgasm and okay

If a girl doesn't mind having sex with you, but doesn't care if she gets to orgasm, that's bad. This means that she loves you enough to please, while the reciprocal caresses are so hopeless that you don't even want to try for them. If a man's climax came earlier, you can bring your beloved to orgasm in other ways, including oral.

Hovering in the clouds

If during the intimacy you noticed that your chosen one has an "absent" look, then most likely she does not enjoy the process, but hovers in the clouds and thinks about something extraneous. The lady is bored and what is happening hardly arouses pleasant emotions in her, as if she is sitting at a dull lecture and wants to leave as soon as possible.


It's okay if sometimes the girl gets the job done by herself through masturbation. But if this happens after the overwhelming majority of sexual intercourse, then self-satisfaction for the lady is much more pleasant than the caress of a partner. In such a case, it is advisable to ask how the beloved will be pleased, and to prove that having a partner makes the process more fun.

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