Sex Workers Demand Brothels To Open

Sex Workers Demand Brothels To Open
Sex Workers Demand Brothels To Open

Video: Sex Workers Demand Brothels To Open

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Video: Sex workers demand Germany's brothels reopen 2023, January

Hamburg prostitutes gathered on the red light district in the dark, demanding the opening of German brothels. They were closed in order to stop the spread of coronavirus infection.

In Germany, prostitution is a legal profession. Prostitutes are offended that shops, restaurants and even bars have already opened, but brothels are still not. Brothel workers complain that they have been deprived of their earnings, although they do not pose an increased health risk.

“The most ancient profession needs your help,” is the text on a poster that one of the women showed in the window of a brothel on Herbertstrasse.

A number of protesters donned masquerade masks. Many played the violin near the Reeperbahn, famous for its nightlife.

Representatives of the sex workers' association that organized the rally said: “Due to the closure of licensed premises, many prostitutes had to protest on the city streets. And this is illegal, unsafe and violates sanitary standards."

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