Actors Whose Romance On The Set Continued In Ordinary Life

Actors Whose Romance On The Set Continued In Ordinary Life
Actors Whose Romance On The Set Continued In Ordinary Life

Video: Actors Whose Romance On The Set Continued In Ordinary Life

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Video: Top 20 Actors Who Fell in Love on Set 2023, February

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt


When the filming of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", where Brad and Angelina played a married couple of super spies, had just begun, the actors took a dislike to each other. Pitt called the girl arrogant and capricious, and Angelina considered her future husband arrogant and unpleasant.

But everyone knows that this story ended in an 11-year-old marriage and six children together. Their romance both began with a high-profile divorce (during the beginning of the relationship with Angelina, Brad was married to actress Jennifer Aniston) and ended with it - in 2016 the couple broke up. So we thought. But just a couple of days ago, a huge amount of news about the reunion of Brad and Angelina began to appear on the Internet. They say that the stars still love each other and cannot be apart. Is it really true?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Johnny is not only a famous heartthrob, but he also does not mind meeting with colleagues. He has many novels with his partners on the set: at various times he had affairs with Sherilyn Fenn, Winona Ryder and Amberd Heard.

Johnny met the latter on the set of The Rum Diary - the picture turned out to be mediocre, but the novel was dubbed Depp's "return" to dangerous connections and risk. With Vanessa Paradis, the actor lived 15 quiet and calm years and, apparently, got tired of the monotony. First he ran away to Amber, and after a year and a half of marriage, he broke up with her. I wonder who will be the next passion of the Hollywood handsome.

Blake Lovely and Ryan Reynolds

Lively and Reynolds played a couple in love in Green Lantern, which Ryan now truly hates. There is even a post-credits scene in Deadpool 2 where the hero kills himself without letting him sign a shooting contract. But if not for this, albeit not the best role, the actor would not have met his future wife.

At the beginning of the novel, both were going through not the most pleasant stage in their lives: Ryan divorced Scarlett Johansson, and the Gossip Girl star broke up with Leo DiCaprio. But the actors quickly found solace in each other's arms and got married 11 months after they met.

Now the couple have two daughters, whom Blake dreamed of for so long. Ryan gives the impression of an exemplary father: he reads a lot of literature on parenting, and on Twitter he publishes funny posts about his girls.

Blake says friendship is important to a good relationship, and claims that her husband is supportive in everything: “I can turn to Ryan as a friend for advice, or cry on his shoulder. This was not the case in my previous relationship. In the past, if there was a problem, I would call my friends or my sister and ask for advice. Now I'm calling my husband."

Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy

The love story of Katherine and Heathcliff in the novel "Wuthering Heights" ended tragically, and Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy, who played together in the series of the same name, are doing well. They were so imbued with the surroundings on the set that they also got married in an 18th century castle in the south of France. The ceremony was almost secret - only the closest people were invited to it.

Now the couple have two children, and the spouses claim that everything is fine in their relationship. Tom confessed that family life made him a less selfish and calmer person. All the speculations of the press about marriage problems are sharply suppressed by the actors, saying that they are really happy together. Recently, the couple took a walk at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: throughout the ceremony they held hands and looked like they were in love as never before. Bald Tom, however, did not look very good, but it was not family life that knocked him down so much. The actor had to change his image for the role in the film "Fonzo" about the gangster Al Capone.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner

Few believed in the duration of the Swift and Lautner romance, but together they looked very cute. The stars met on the set of the film "Valentine's Day", where they played teenagers in love. They immediately started dating, but the relationship only lasted a couple of months. We do not know what happened - former lovers do not talk too much about their personal life. After the breakup, the singer dedicated the track Back to December to Lautner, and it seems that from that time on, Taylor made it a tradition to release tracks about her ex-boyfriends.

During the relationship, this couple of fans worried about only one question: if the stars got married and Swift took her husband's surname, would they be recorded as Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner? It seems that the media would go crazy trying to figure out which of the two became the newsmaker.

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