What Changes In A Woman's Body At The First Kiss With A Man

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What Changes In A Woman's Body At The First Kiss With A Man
What Changes In A Woman's Body At The First Kiss With A Man

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The first kiss is sung by poets and romantics of almost all European cultures. This is one of the most memorable moments in the life of almost any person, especially a woman. Each of them can tell how exciting, exciting and wonderful it was. Scientists also became interested in this socio-biological phenomenon and found out what happens to the ladies.


Maximum euphoria

Everyone knows that during kissing, men and women can experience intense sensations like euphoria and incredible happiness. American psychologist Sherrill Kirschenbaum, in her book "The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Talk About", believes that during a kiss, the human body is capable of producing substances that are 200 times stronger than drugs. At the same time, ladies, according to doctors, are more susceptible to the influence of potent drugs. And when any chemical that causes euphoria, be it an alkaloid or a narcotic substance, enters the body for the first time, it has its maximum effect.

In other words, at the moment of her first kiss with a man in her life, a woman, thanks to nature, can experience incredible pleasure. In any case, during this period, the maximum amount of hormones such as endorphin, serotonin and other biologically active substances associated with the occurrence of such sensations enters her bloodstream.

Depending on the psychotype, a woman can enjoy them or fearfully resist the emotional waves formed inside, but she will definitely feel dizziness, a short-term fever and the absence of any thoughts in her head. The maximum euphoria occurs only at the moment of the very first kiss, which is why it is etched into the memory for life.

Readiness for reproductive activity is confirmed

Throughout their lives, ladies and gentlemen kiss millions of times, but it turns out that it is the very first kiss in life that has a strong effect on a woman's reproductive system. Psychologists from the private College of Lafayette, USA, compared the level of production of two important hormones in 15 couples in love after a long kiss.

Psychologists assumed that the kiss should "explode" the level of oxytocin in women and testosterone in gentlemen, but everything turned out differently. In men, their sex hormone levels did rise, along with increasing arousal. But in women, the amount of oxytocin produced at this moment was not so great. American psychologists even suspected the tested ladies of infidelity or lying to their partners about their feelings. But everything was changed by a new stage of research. For him, psychologists invited girls and boys in love with each other who had never kissed before and measured the amount of sex hormones after their first kiss in their life. The amount of testosterone in boys was also high, but the production of oxytocin in girls was also off scale.

American researchers made the assumption that it was at the first such moment in her life that the female body receives a large dose of the sex hormone and thus becomes absolutely ready for its reproductive activity. Indeed, in the future, such a high level of oxytocin in women is observed only on the eve of their natural birth.

Intuition starts to work

The choice of a sexual partner and the courtship ritual in humans is a very complex process, which is carried out both consciously and on the basis of obtaining intuitive data. Professor Robin Dunbar, British psychologist and head of social and evolutionary neuroscience research groups at the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, UK, believes there are stages in this kind of cognition.

All potential partners first evaluate each other by their appearance, conversations - outlook on life, and then move on to a more intimate period of courtship and mutual evaluation. And here kisses already appear - animal intuition turns on.It is at this moment that each person evaluates the other for taste, smell and emotionality. With the help of a kiss, men and women receive biological signals about the genetic compatibility and health of the potential parent of their children. Moreover, for women, this stage of cognition is especially important, because they spend much more time on raising offspring than men, and risk their own health. Therefore, ladies are subject to more accurate intuitive assessments of partners than gentlemen, but how do they get this knowledge?

Professor Dunbar believes that at the moment of his first kiss in his life with a partner, people of both sexes experience a strong hormonal "surge". But in women, after this, all the senses become sharper and intuition especially develops, on the basis of which, at the moment of further kisses, the biological state of the possible father of the child is already read in more detail.

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