5 Sexual Lessons From Movie Characters: There Is A Lot To Learn

5 Sexual Lessons From Movie Characters: There Is A Lot To Learn
5 Sexual Lessons From Movie Characters: There Is A Lot To Learn

Video: 5 Sexual Lessons From Movie Characters: There Is A Lot To Learn

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Movies are not only a good idea to brighten up an evening or two, but also a great encyclopedia of sex. We found 5 sex scenes that you would love to bring to life.


"9 ½ WEEKS"

"9 ½ weeks" is a classic of the erotic genre. Well, who doesn't remember the seductive Mickey Rourke and Kim Besinger?

Incredibly sexy Wall Street investor John Gray and humble art gallery employee Elizabeth McGraw have sex in an alley between houses in the rain. And in general, the couple does not disdain in sex and food, and dances, and costumes. Anything that can help you get an orgasm - please wrap up! We are sure that all these scenes have already been watched by you and your friends more than once or twice, so we will not list every moment. We just give a standing ovation and learn from the brave and passionate guys.

Choosing something one of the whole variety of sexual pleasures of the main characters is an impossible task: too bright and fascinating ideas are thrown at us. But the main thing in all the intimate scenes of the movie “9 ½ Weeks” is courage and complete trust in your partner. John and Elizabeth were so in love with each other, so passionate about being loved and giving every inch of their bodies to the power of a loved one, that the whole film turned into something exciting and exciting. How else?

Conclusion: Passion can overtake anywhere, anytime. Do not put up with the bedroom if you can do it right now! True, it is better to choose a place that is unpopular, otherwise, it is not even an hour, grandmothers with carts and young grandchildren will spot you.


still from the film

Jim, a sweet and virgin high school student, learns the basics of sex using the means at hand. And then, by chance, a fresh pie comes across to his arm. Well, all is fair in war.

Conclusion: Feel free to use sex toys. This can not only diversify your intimate life, but also give many bright moments. True, we do not advise you to use hot pies, it is better to go to a specialized store and pick up a toy to your taste.


still from the film

The protagonist of the novel and film of the same name, Humbert Humbert, is crazy about the young and seductive Lolita. The girl does not mind being in the arms of an adult man.

Conclusion: RPG is fun! It is not necessary to pretend to be a girl during puberty, you can come up with something much more interesting. For example, play seductive nurse or secretary who brings an important report. And pass it verbally (if you understand what we are talking about).


still from the film

Angelina Jolie does not need to make any special efforts to seduce any man. A couple of hot looks, translucent hints and seductive moves - and voila! - the man is already ready to give you a star from the sky. Maybe even two stars.

Conclusion: Take the initiative! It is not necessary to walk with the inscription on your forehead "Let's do it right now", you can do with light touches, kisses and a look that reads the desire to have sex. A rare man will miss this opportunity!


When Samantha began to notice that sex no longer gives her pleasure, she did not despair, but, on the contrary, accepted this challenge and emerged victorious! After all, she knew that masturbation is an integral part of knowing her own body.

Conclusion: You can know better than any person what gives you pleasure and what does not. Therefore, do not neglect masturbation, because doctors and psychologists have long proven that this is the best way to hear your body. Based on materials from cosmo.ru.


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