4 Main Male Fears In Sex

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4 Main Male Fears In Sex
4 Main Male Fears In Sex

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Be careful not to offend your partner.


The topic of sex is probably one of the most subtle for any man. One careless word on the part of a woman can lodge complexes with which a man will struggle for a long time. That is why it is so important to understand your partner, and not touch on those moments that can upset your man and ruin a romantic evening. We decided to find out what fears of an intimate nature most often prevail over the stronger sex.

What if it doesn't work out

Any man should know that no one is better for his woman, and therefore thoughts of failure in bed can develop into a real phobia. It is important for a woman to make it clear how important a man is to her, do not skimp on gentle words and touches to cheer up a partner. If you understand that your man has problems sexually, do not focus on this, especially do not be indignant about failures in bed. Instead, help him deal with the problem - the man will be grateful to you.

What if she doesn't like it

A popular myth says that a man is only interested in his own pleasure. However, judging by the polls, in most cases men are worried about the pleasure of their partner, because the admiration of a woman can incredibly raise men's self-esteem. In addition, just like women, many men are worried about their appearance - insufficiently developed muscles, tummy, progressive hair loss and other external manifestations can seriously shake a man's self-confidence, who in this case may offer to make love in the dark. As in the previous case, you should not point your partner about his shortcomings too rudely, because your task is to help your man overcome complexes, and not "grow" new ones.

But what if

Of course, it is stupid to say that any man is afraid of responsibility, because this is not at all the case. And yet, many men come to the idea that a woman may not be completely honest with him and, perhaps, is looking for a way to tie him to herself. As a rule, this attitude is characteristic of men who have had an unpleasant experience with a former woman. It is important here to make it clear to the man that you are a self-sufficient woman for whom sex is not a way to improve your situation, you just have a good time together and do not expect anything in return from each other.

What if she makes fun of me

And another popular male fear - a woman will catch him at the most awkward moment. For many people, little things like funny socks in bed or other interesting features of a partner do not matter, but we all love to wind ourselves up from time to time, and here again a woman enters, who, again, should not comment on even very funny things - a man just cannot afford to become the object of ridicule from a woman.

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