5 Signs Your Relationship Is On The Edge

5 Signs Your Relationship Is On The Edge
5 Signs Your Relationship Is On The Edge

Video: 5 Signs Your Relationship Is On The Edge

Video: 5 Signs Your Relationship Is On The Edge
Video: The 5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over 2023, October

Deciding on a divorce is sometimes very difficult because of the fear of being left alone or without a clear idea of the future. People continue to live under one roof for a long time, feeling unhappy and lonely. Frequent conflicts negatively affect the psychological and even physical condition of a person.


How to understand that your relationship has long outlived its usefulness and is on the verge of divorce? We have prepared 5 signs that will help you deal with this issue.

There were frequent quarrels and scandals

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Every married couple has conflicts, because quarreling is inherent in everyone. In some families, fights are an integral part of relationships that add variety and excitement.

If your couple is on the verge of breaking up, then scandals turn into chronic conflicts and arise for any reason. In the life of lovers, positive and joyful moments cease to arise, and a continuous negative appears. When no one, and still recently loving spouses, no longer wants to adjust to one another, change and make every effort to solve problems in the relationship, then this only says that the relationship has already outlived its usefulness and it is better to leave after all.

No more jealousy

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If you have ceased to be visited by the feeling of jealousy of your soulmate towards other people of the opposite sex, then it's time to think. For a loving person, betrayal is considered the highest form of betrayal, and if love fades away, then it no longer seems like something terrifying and unacceptable.

No place for intimacy

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Sex is an integral part of family life, without which relationships are empty and emotionless. If at least one of the partners constantly refuses to make love and finds all sorts of excuses for this, sex becomes boring and monotonous, then you are very close to divorce. This attitude towards marital duty leads to the fact that the couple begins to look for affairs on the side, which bring fresh emotions and give new sensations.

Indifference appeared

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Your family union is moving towards divorce if you become indifferent to how your spouse spends time, where he is and when he comes home, what he ate or slept. When indifference arises in a relationship and the other half ceases to occupy an important place in your life, then marriage is unlikely to be able to save anything.

Have thoughts of leaving

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If you start to have thoughts about how you will live independently without a spouse, packing up your things and leaving home, then you should definitely pay attention to this. Usually, this is how the process of alienation begins, when signals appear in the brain that calm the heart so that it does not hurt when parting. To check how strong these signals are, you can try looking for individual housing. If this process begins to delight you and bring feelings of pleasure, then your relationship is definitely in the middle.

In order to build a happy relationship, one must remember that there are no ideal people and everyone needs to adjust, and not immediately disperse.