Sex In Winter: 10 Ways To Keep Each Other Warm

Sex In Winter: 10 Ways To Keep Each Other Warm
Sex In Winter: 10 Ways To Keep Each Other Warm

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With the onset of cold weather, everyone begins to prepare delicious meals, lean on chocolate and hot drinks to keep warm. But sometimes they forget about the simplest, but still effective method - about love. But the winter time is just conducive to solitude together, in order to use it with benefit and refresh the cooled relations.


There are 10 types of ingredients that help to make your sex life brighter and more intense:

- Classic: move closer to each other, kiss and have some rough sex. 50 minutes of French kissing, 25 minutes of sex is equal to an hour in the gym. If you are tired of the French kiss, then try other types of kisses. Thus, strive for an orgasm to warm both yourself and your soul mate.

- Erotic massage that helps to increase libido. In this case, you do not need to master the skills of professional massage, but you just need to know certain points on the body, which, when pressed, either relax the body, or, conversely, restore its strength. The main erotic points are located between the inner side of the calcaneus and the heel tendon, as well as on the midline of the abdomen. Point pressing can be successfully replaced with light stroking movements.

- Aphrodisiacs are foods that can increase sexual desire. These include: shrimp, oysters, strawberries, chocolate, cinnamon, nuts, ginger.

- Herbs that can stimulate libido. A few drops of ginseng, bergamot, anise, verbena, patchouli, geranium or sandalwood added to an aroma lamp or bath are great for increasing arousal and sensuality.

- Mirror. Sex can be enjoyed when you know your body perfectly, so it's never too late to start exploring it. Turn on calm music, grab a mirror and, most importantly, do not be shy about your feelings. This erotic lesson will help you to relax, feel brave and more confident.

- Learning new positions and places for sex. By the way, the time of New Year's holidays and long winter evenings are just right for this.

- Erotic show. Arrange mini-performances for each other in the form of a striptease, dance or competition.

- Role-playing games that allow you to diversify and saturate your sex life with new impressions. Santa Claus in a skirt - such a role will make a woman unusually attractive and seductive in the eyes of a man.

- Sex on the street. It would seem what sex on the street can be in the winter. Of course, for such a case, careful preparation and a certain skill are required, but this is quite realistic.

- Sex in a sauna or bath. Take a hot shower, go to the steam room, drip a few drops of aromatic oil diluted with water, warm up and relax. Then you can go to the pool or jacuzzi, which can be the perfect place to have sex.

Well, in order for sex to bring pleasure not only to yourself, but also to your partner, you should thoroughly study his fantasies and preferences.

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