Why Not All Men Go Bald, But Only Some

Why Not All Men Go Bald, But Only Some
Why Not All Men Go Bald, But Only Some

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According to studies by Western scientists, every fifth bald man looks for the cause of his problems in his personal life and career in his hair, or rather in their absence.

According to some psychologists, it is baldness that men are most afraid of in life.

Other researchers question such statistics, but agree that the fear of baldness is one of the main male fears.

It is this attitude towards hair loss, and not the bald spot itself, that creates problems in the life of a man who is overgrown with complexes.

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Such men are terribly shy about their hairstyles, believing that in the eyes of the opposite sex this is a serious flaw.

But science does not support such painful views.

Yes, among women there is a small percentage of those who do not like a bald head, but about the same number of those for whom it is rather a plus than a minus, a sign of sexuality and masculinity.

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But the bulk of the fair sex does not care about bald men at all. I don't care simply because they evaluate men according to completely different criteria and are indifferent to lost hair.

In Russia, the percentage of bald men is slightly lower than in the West, and in Africa or Asia it is less than 1%. Why is this happening? This is because 19 out of 20 cases of baldness are associated with a genetic disorder that arose in the distant past and has been inherited since then.

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Of all the races on Earth, only the Indo-European race is susceptible to this pathology. Why do some go bald and others not? Genetic alopecia is associated with the hormone androgen (testosterone).

In the human body, the androgen enzyme is responsible for hair loss, and the estrogen enzyme, on the contrary, is responsible for their strengthening and growth. These two enzymes naturally balance each other.

In bald people, as a result of a genetic malfunction, at some point in their lives, the androgen content begins to dominate, which is why hair thinns.

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In 3 cases out of 4, such a hereditary failure is transmitted through the mother's line, in 1 out of 5 cases - along the father's side, and 1 person in 20 goes bald first in his family.

At the moment, scientists have learned to predict baldness by DNA analysis, but so far science is powerless to somehow influence this process.

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