The Daughter Took Her Beloved Away From Her Mother

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The Daughter Took Her Beloved Away From Her Mother
The Daughter Took Her Beloved Away From Her Mother

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It's scary to flip through this album. The photographs have cut out faces, cut off pieces. Only two people are present in the photographs from their previous life - Marina Petrovna and her eldest daughter. From her husband Vitaly and the youngest daughter Natasha were left headless figures, fragments of hands, a lock of hair in the wind.


When Marina Petrovna divorced her first husband, she was twenty-nine years old, the eldest daughter Zhanna was ten, and the youngest Natasha was eight. Then she met Vitaly. He sailed on a dry cargo ship as the second navigator, was the same age as Marin. … Marina Petrovna shines with dry, feverish eyes and says without hesitation: - I still remember the first night when he stayed with me. Such a gentle lover!


What is the happiness of a sailor? In a good family and a faithful wife. The everyday formula justified itself one hundred percent. A family? The girls and Vitaly, thank God, made friends. Faithful wife? Here she is, not gulena: home from work. Marina diligently began to build a family nest. The flights in the shipping company were harsh - both for six months and for eight months. Vitaly tried to be a good father: he went with the girls to the zoo, took them to a cafe, pampered them. - I immediately said: you are rarely at home, never scold them, it is necessary that your visits be a holiday, so that we are very much waiting for you. Wisely? You will not undermine. So for ten years happiness was formed in a three-room apartment on Lieutenant Shirokov Street. Chinese service, expensive furniture. In the bedroom there was the smooth surface of the matrimonial bed - Marina's cozy little world, where holidays were not the red days of the calendar, but the arrival of the ship "Ivan Korotkov" in the Novorossiysk port. Marina found her husband with her youngest daughter, already eighteen-year-old Natasha.


It was this, impossible in the family, that the most intelligent, quiet woman cried out. Natasha flew past her mother with a ball. Marina Petrovna, and a year later tells with pleasure how she caught up with her daughter and pounced on her, but her head against the wall, against the wall! Jumped up Vitaly barely managed to take the girl away from her. Events developed rapidly. Vitaly took Natasha to the ship and filed for divorce. Marina Petrovna was in a stupor. The friends tried to console them: in principle, nothing terrible happened for nature. And the judge repeated the same to her more than once. She ordered not to exaggerate the topic during the divorce, not to arrange scenes in her office. Vitaly and Natasha are not half-blood relatives, but completely strangers. Nothing unnatural. She, of course, as a woman understands Marina, but …


In general, the world collapsed for Marina. It was, of course, difficult to survive the fact that the neighbors were excitedly discussing the spicy situation. But the deadly poison came not from strangers, but from within. Marina Petrovna cursed her daughter in church and began to give her notes "for peace" against her. When Jeanne found out about this, she, who also broke off any relationship with her sister, was frightened for her mother's reason. Mother got up at night, rushed about the apartment like a wounded lioness. The trinkets brought by Vitaly, a favorite set, were beaten to dust. I didn't look like myself. Jeanne, unable to bear it, went to live in a hostel. - I myself am to blame, you idiot, - Marina Petrovna wraps herself in a stale dressing gown, takes a drag on her cigarette. - Zhanka called him, as it should be, dad. And I allowed Natasha Smala to call him Vitalik. She poured in - Vitalik, Vitalichka … And I, an idiot, was happy - how the girl loves him!


Natasha and Vitaly got married. They had a child. - Am I to blame that we love each other? And that now I don't have a sister and a mother? I'm scared! I'm like an orphan now. My mom, why did it all work out like this ?! - bitterly, bitterly sobbed not an evil housewife - an offended child.

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