I Promised To Make Her Happy

I Promised To Make Her Happy
I Promised To Make Her Happy

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My wife Marietta and I have been together for 58 years. And our friendship began in 1953. Girls and boys still studied separately, but for the Day of the Soviet Army, tenth graders of our schools organized a joint evening of amateur performances.


As it was yesterday, I remember … I was reading poetry by Konstantin Simonov. Then two girls spoke. One was reading Krylov's fable "The Crow and the Fox". The second, standing behind her and thrusting her arms under her armpits, gestured inappropriately. It was funny. When her friend appeared from behind the girl who was reading, I immediately drew attention to her.

Probably, what riveted my eyes to her was what is called love at first sight …

My Marietta in 1949 was left without a mother, who died at 35 years old. The 12-year-old girl shouldered all the burden of taking care of her father and two brothers.

Once Marietta told me how hard and lonely it was for her to live without her mother. That evening, when I returned home, I wrote in my diary: “Today my Marietta told how much grief and what difficulties in life she had to experience. She deserves to be happy! " And I promised myself that I would make her happy. After school, Marietta entered the institute, and I, without gaining points for admission to the university, went, as usual, to serve in the Soviet army.

Seeing me off, Marietta gave me her heart-shaped medallion, inside of which were our photographs and a lock of her hair. So my mother in 1942 sent a lock of her hair to the front to my father with a short letter. It became an amulet that kept my father throughout the years of the war.

While I was away, Marietta and our friends visited my parents and helped them. Three years in the air defense missile forces near Moscow were warmed by letters to my beloved. She wrote to me, telling me how life was going in civilian life.

All letters have survived, as well as letters from my parents that they wrote to each other during the war.

When I returned from the army, my mother said: “Marietta honestly waited for you. When you left for the army, you promised to marry her. If you love her, be the master of your word. " Our wedding took place on January 31, 1959.

For 58 years we have amassed a lot of wealth: a daughter, a son, three granddaughters and a great-grandson. And for the emerald wedding, the middle granddaughter gave us a great-granddaughter Mashenka.

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