Adultery Is Impossible: How Self-isolation Will Strengthen Family Ties

Adultery Is Impossible: How Self-isolation Will Strengthen Family Ties
Adultery Is Impossible: How Self-isolation Will Strengthen Family Ties

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Russia is one of the world leaders in the number of divorces. According to Rosstat, more than 60% of marriages break up in our country. One of the main reasons, experts say, is adultery. According to various information, up to 75% of people in official or civil marriages cheat on each other. With the arrival of the self-isolation regime in many regions of the Russian Federation, the couples were locked in the same apartment around the clock. asked psychologists if this could help strengthen family relations in our country.


Due to the self-isolation regime in most regions of Russia, you cannot leave your place of residence without good reason, such as going to work, going to the grocery store, taking out the trash or walking your pet. This means that people living in the same apartment or house began to see each other seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Approximately one third of Russians over 18 years old are not in a relationship, the rest (about 67%) live in an official or de facto marriage, psychologist Alexander Ustyuzhanin, a psychologist and specialist in the field of crisis issues of human psychology, told in an interview with They are obtained from anonymous surveys. About one third of these Russians are loyal family men who do not think about adultery. The rest are changed with varying degrees of frequency.

The psychologist identifies different reasons for marital infidelity: for career advancement, for relieving anxiety, for raising self-esteem, because of the desire to satisfy sexual needs. The cornerstone of any infidelity is that a person does not value his partner and alliance with him.

The difficult time that has come will allow rethinking the existing relationship, Olga Demyanenko, a family psychologist of the highest category, told in an interview with Close communication can both bring family members closer and separate them completely.

The first scenario is most likely for those families where the spouses were too busy and estranged from each other primarily due to lack of communication.


Author: Olga Demyanenko [family and child psychologist of the highest category]

People in quarantine will begin to discuss difficulties in relationships, perhaps they will be able to agree on important things, to resolve conflicts. Then the need for connections on the side will disappear.

Another option: having lost the opportunity to communicate with a lover or mistress, a person will think: does he really need this relationship. Some may conclude that the game is not worth the trouble. Especially if at the same time you manage to establish a relationship with your legal spouse.

There is also a less optimistic option: sitting within four walls, a person will spoil relations with his half completely, Demyanenko said. After the end of the quarantine, some of them will first run to the registry office to dissolve the marriage. This scenario took place in China, where after the restrictions were lifted, the number of broken pairs increased.

Some of the divorced will be reunited with a lover or mistress with whom they cheated on their spouse. Others will completely destroy all the usual connections and go into "free swimming".

Now in Russian society there is a certain "fashion" for fleeting relationships, the psychologist reports. People do not hold on to existing bonds and easily change partners. Therefore, after isolation, many may well replace the old passion with a new one.

Quarantine, like any other crisis, will unite strong families even more, and will completely destroy problematic ones, sums up Alexander Ustyuzhanin.


Author: Alexander Ustyuzhanin [psychologist, specialist in the field of crisis issues of human psychology]

Self-isolation will strengthen good marriages.A wonderful test and time for each other. You can rejoice at your choice and heroically pass the test of the virus, panic and convulsions of the economy. But malignant alliances are doomed to destruction.

The onset of the crisis threatens Russians with sexual problems, including decreased libido. Because of this, many may also opt out of outside connections. It's all about stress. As endocrinologist-gynecologist Alexei Kalinchev said in an interview with, increased nervous tension leads to a critical drop in testosterone levels in men, the main anti-stress hormone. And stress significantly reduces sex drive.

Alcohol also adds fuel to the fire. Judging by the latest data, the Russians began to rely on strong drinks during self-isolation. Meanwhile, alcohol further reduces libido for both men and women.

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