Why Russian Women Don't Get Pleasure In Bed

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Why Russian Women Don't Get Pleasure In Bed
Why Russian Women Don't Get Pleasure In Bed

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Nothing left until March 8th. On this holiday, it is customary to surprise, delight to delight women. Gifts, delicious food and bodily pleasures. And since sex appeared in Russia in the early 90s, we can talk about it openly.


Recently, the training center "Sex.rf" conducted a survey: what women want to get on March 8th. About half admitted that they expect more romance from men than material benefits. The women said that if a loved one on this day cancels his plans and simply devotes the whole day to her, she will be in seventh heaven. Some respondents directly answered that they want to get good sex on the occasion of the holiday.

“About this” is being said more and more. Taboo 30 years ago, the topic today does not leave TV screens, magazine pages. Does this mean that Russians have begun to live a richer intimate life? As various studies show, no. Conversations, as usual, turn out to be more than deeds.

No orgasm and discomfort

A group of scientists from the Karolinska Institute (Sweden) conducted a study and came to the conclusion: about up to 25% of women have experience of prolonged anorgasmia - this is a state of the body in which it is impossible to achieve orgasm. In this group, the experts also included women who can achieve relaxation only in a certain way. For example, independently, without the participation of a partner.

Domestic researchers have gone even further. They analyzed the quality of sex in women in our country and came to the depressing conclusion: for the fair sex, intimacy is not pleasure at all, but real torture. Scientists from the Ural State Medical University of the Ministry of Health, together with doctors from Clinical Hospital 40 of the city of Yekaterinburg, conducted a study of the manifestation of discomfort during intercourse in 123 women aged 20 to 60 years. It turned out that 77% of them noted various manifestations of sexual discomfort - pain and burning during intercourse. Only 22% of women admitted that they do not feel discomfort during intimacy.

The women were also interviewed on the subject of whether they experience orgasms. It turned out that women who did not receive discharge experienced discomfort during intercourse much more often - in 93.3%. Those who received an orgasm “always” or “not every time” noted manifestations of discomfort in 78.2% of cases. Few of them turned to specialists with these problems.

“Unfortunately, women rarely go to doctors for sexual discomfort. Most likely, women make a visit with such complaints to a sexologist, but at a gynecologist's appointment this side of people's lives is often left behind the scenes. Meanwhile, prolonged anorgasmia can cause serious gynecological diseases,”the study said.

The authors of the scientific work note a positive trend: the patients themselves are looking for a way out of this situation and find it. Lubricants help improve the quality of your intimate life. It turned out that more than 80% of patients who used them experienced orgasm "always" or "almost always."

Tantrums and gynecological problems

Doctor-sexologist Igor Nezovibatko has other data. About a third of Russian women do not experience an orgasm with a man at all, a third of women do, but not always, and another third get a release with every intercourse. In total, about 10% of women do not know what an orgasm is.

“If a woman is, in principle, capable of experiencing an orgasm, but with a man this does not always work (or does not work at all), then the problem is in her head. If the difficulties are temporary, then there is no right attitude, and if they are permanent, then she does not know how to build relationships with the opposite sex as a whole. This is solved with the help of therapy with a psychologist,”the doctor said.

In women who do not experience orgasm at all, most often the necessary receptors are simply not developed. This usually happens when a teenage girl did little masturbation. This often happens when a child has strict parents who harshly suppress sexuality.

“If a woman does not live sexually, does not experience arousal, then the absence of orgasm does not affect her health in any way. But if she has an intimate life, but there is no discharge, this leads to gynecological problems, as well as mental problems. There is irritability, aggression ", - said Igor Nezovibatko

Lack of orgasm is a solvable problem. Sexologists have a variety of treatments for this problem. The main thing is to understand that the problem exists, this is already half the success.

Olga Demyanenko, family and child psychologist of the highest category, full member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia. The topic of sex in Russia is still very taboo.

I would say that the sexual revolution that took place in the United States in the 60s is only now taking place in our country. Many people (men and women) cannot realize their sexuality and learn to use it. Many people think: if something is different from the norm in terms of sex, then I am abnormal. Most prefer not to pay attention to the problem; a very small percentage of people go to a specialist.

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