What Happens When Men Are Not Interested In Women

What Happens When Men Are Not Interested In Women
What Happens When Men Are Not Interested In Women

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Scientists are sounding the alarm: a strong half of humanity is rapidly losing interest in sex. Futurologists predict that soon the intimacy between a man and a woman in the usual sense will go away. Physical intercourse, in their opinion, will be replaced by gadgets, chips, androids and other technological advances.


Life without sex

Sex therapist Ian Curtis assures that over the past few decades, men and women have become less likely to have sex. Moreover, in most cases, representatives of the strong half begin to initiate the refusal of intimacy.

Among the reasons, the researcher names bad habits, cardiovascular diseases, constant stress, fear of not realizing one's ambitions, low self-esteem. In addition, men are less and less willing to care for a woman, to seek her, including for fear of being rejected.

British scientist David Spigelhelter noted a decrease in the number of sexual acts between spouses in Western countries. At the same time, people spend more and more time with gadgets. The expert is sure: due to the appearance of fundamentally new electronic devices, humanity may lose interest in sex in 15 years.

Digital pleasure

Futurists predict the replacement of physical proximity with digital in the near future. American Raymond Kurzweil believes that by 2030 this will happen through microchips implanted in the brain, possibly even in virtual reality.

His British colleague Ian Pearson looks into 2050 and predicts the emergence of a different kind of implant - artificial "smart" skin. This implant will act as a kind of key to the cloud storage, from which it will be able to download sensations and transfer them to its owner.


Futurologists are sure: the man of the future, instead of his own kind, will have sex with androids. As the author of the scientific monograph "Intimate Relations with Artificial Partners" David Levy notes, the production of robotic lovers on an industrial scale will begin in the coming decades, and they can be purchased at the price of a budget car.

Androids will have a number of advantages: perfect appearance, inexhaustible energy, the most accurate repetition of the movements of a living person. Thanks to the heart simulator, the robots will have a faster pulse and breathing during sex, moreover, they will be taught to simulate an orgasm.

Levy notes that the Kama Sutra and other sex achievements of mankind can be uploaded to the robot's database. There will be many modes in the settings of the car, for example, a Japanese geisha.

Know the limits

The digitalization of sex is fraught with the danger of being overly addictive and addictive. A person who enjoys electronic means can become a hostage to gadgets and harm their own health. An experiment carried out in the early 1950s on rats is indicative. An implant was implanted into the brain of the rodents, which acts on the "pleasure center" when the lever is pressed. As a result, the rats were so carried away by pressing it that they forgot about food and food and died.

On humans, such experiments were carried out by the American professor Robert Heath. The patient could stimulate his "pleasure center" as much as he wanted. As a result, he became addicted: once in three hours he pressed the stimulation button 1,500 times. After that, his mental state deteriorated sharply, he almost committed suicide.

Where to go for a woman

The loss of men's interest in women will lead to the fact that the latter will devote more time to their careers and self-realization, believes futurist Jean-Christophe Bonis.

Already now, women are occupying more and more jobs where men used to rule: engineering, labor protection, information technology. Gradually, the erosion and unification of the social roles of men and women will occur, the former will remain dominant only where physical strength is needed, for example, in mine production.

The role of women as spouses and mothers is also radically transformed. A decrease in interest in physical intimacy will lead to the fact that men will form an alliance with a woman only for joint housekeeping and raising children. Man and woman will play the role of earners and parents alike.

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