3 Rules For A Second Date

3 Rules For A Second Date
3 Rules For A Second Date

Video: 3 Rules For A Second Date

Video: 3 Rules For A Second Date
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The first date is always a little messy. You just get to know each other, talk a lot, take timid hesitant steps, feel shy and feel awkward. But, if you agreed to a second date, then most likely you have concluded for yourself that the person is worth the effort and one more evening to get to know him better. Developing relationships after dating is a kind of numbers game, confirming that with each date feelings become stronger, and the connection is more interesting. So here are the basic rules for a second date.


Diversify your appointments, change the setting, place and time on the second date. Whatever you come up with, don't make the second date an exact copy of the first. It's time to prove how well your imagination is. If you dined in a restaurant and went to the movies on your first date, go to an amusement park or water park for your second. Turn your meetings into mini-adventures as interesting and fun as possible.

On the second date, you will get the opportunity to see each other in different situations. For example, while playing golf or riding the damn carousel, your companion can react so interestingly to events that it will open up to you from an unexpected new side. You will assess whether a person is able to laugh at himself, how optimistic he is, how he behaves in an extreme situation.

In any case, you will get the opportunity to see the reaction, and this can ultimately tell about how the person will manifest himself in the future in the role of a partner. In addition, if a girl finds the second date boring, she will automatically perceive your acquaintance as monotonous, unremarkable, and, therefore, not worth her attention.

Don't make the second date too romantic. The second date rule is that if a girl didn't give herself up to you in a fit of passion on the first date, the chances of getting anything more than a kiss on the second are not great. Usually everything happens on the third (if you try hard) or a little later.

On the first date, you were just getting to know each other. The third date, just, should become a vessel of romance and passionate confessions. And the second meeting is an excuse to have fun, enjoy the carelessness of your newly emerging feelings.

Give her a chance to present her vision of your relationship, a rehearsal of how you can while away the time in the future (when you get to know each other too closely). In addition, because on the second date you feel more comfortable and relaxed, it becomes possible to ask some personal questions that you were embarrassed to ask about on the first date. Learn about relationships with parents, ask about love for children and animals.

The second date is too early to meet friends and even more so your parents. Inspiration after the first date can cause a burning desire to invite your best friend or girlfriend to the second meeting in order to boast to them about what beauty you have won. But this can ruin everything.

You still know each other too little to expand your mutual social circle with someone else. When it comes to getting to know your family, a second date is too much of a rash date for that. A woman (or a man) may perceive this as a rapid development of a relationship. This can scare and alert, make you wonder what goals you are pursuing, or even give false hope. In any case, meeting relatives is a kind of introduction of your soulmate into the family, but a second date is by no means a reason for this.

You can learn a lot about the person on the second date, you can tell them a lot more about yourself. If all goes well, the second date is bound to lead to the third, and so on, until your relationship naturally moves to the next level. Until then, it's time to enjoy each other and a carefree second date!

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