Dangerous Ties. Which Men Shouldn't Be Dealt With

Dangerous Ties. Which Men Shouldn't Be Dealt With
Dangerous Ties. Which Men Shouldn't Be Dealt With

Video: Dangerous Ties. Which Men Shouldn't Be Dealt With

Video: Dangerous Ties. Which Men Shouldn't Be Dealt With
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Photo pixabay.com What men shouldn't be dealt with Olga Buzova, who has firmly got used to the image of the country's main thrown, sheds tears again. A participant in the reality show "Marry Buzova", to whom she was ready to give, if not her hand, then at least her heart, turned out to be a banal gigolo. Particularly sensitive spectators, along with Buzova herself, are perplexed: how is this possible - after all, he spoke such beautiful words! Although any psychologist will tell you that this does not mean anything at all. Moreover, it should even be alarming.

However, many of the fairer sex are too susceptible to external manifestations. And this does not allow them, like the same Buzova, to recognize in time a man from whom one must stay away.

So what kind of men is it better not to mess with under any circumstances?


A man who seeks to live off a woman. Among them there are professionals who, sooner or later, decorate crime reports.

Such men are usually handsome and well-groomed. There are exceptions, though. About three years ago, a professional gigolo was tried in Greece, who outwardly did not resemble Brad Pitt in any way - a plump man with a brazen smile. But he mastered the skill of turning the ladies' heads masterfully.

Professional gigolos take good care of them - with compliments, gifts and other sweeping gestures. They tell delightful tales about their own hotel chain in Turkey, gas stations around the country or work in the top management of Gazprom. A woman loses her head from the happiness that has fallen on her. And he is not even alarmed when a man announces financial problems that have begun - competitors want to take away the business, the tax office has run over, got into an accident She readily gives him all the money, takes a loan in her name, etc. And when the “prince” disappears from her horizon, the woman is left without money, hopes and even self-esteem.

However, not all male gigolos do this on a professional basis. For some, existence at the expense of the chosen one is a way of life.

From the very beginning of the relationship, he practically does not spend on a woman. Rarely invites her to a cafe or restaurant, comes to her home, never brings anything and, even starting to live with her under one roof, does not invest in the general budget. At the same time, he periodically involves her in solving her own financial problems. When it comes to family life, then such a man willingly yields to his wife the role of breadwinner and breadwinner. And all her attempts to force her husband to take on these male roles do not lead to any result. Here either get divorced, or carry the burden of material problems on yourself.


From the very beginning, be wary of a man's attempts to involve you in solving his material problems.

“And no matter how beautiful songs he sang at the same time, remember - a normal man will never demand material support from a woman,” psychologist Natalya Rasskazova warns. - On the contrary, he himself will strive to financially support his beloved woman.


He knows a lot about courtship and easily conquers women with his charm. Moreover, for this he does not have to be a real handsome man. The womanizer will not bred you for money, but he will be fully fed by your self-esteem. Changing women like gloves, the womanizer asserts himself - experts assure that there are no more notorious men than notorious ladies' men.

It is very important for them to achieve psychological dependence from a woman. Therefore, the womanizer diligently cultivates an inferiority complex in his chosen ones.

The womanizer himself, feeling that he is becoming addicted, immediately strives to cut off the relationship or start another parallel romance. The classic womanizer is capable of harassing partners for years.

Such men usually marry under the influence of generally accepted attitudes that a decent man should have a family. But the stamp in the passport has no effect on his relations with women. Although many womanizers are gentle and caring towards their wife. But next to him, a woman will never feel protected.


As a rule, womanizers are beautifully courted. They know how to joke to make a woman laugh, and they never feel embarrassed when communicating with her, unlike an ordinary man in love, who simply loses his power of speech when the object of his dreams is next to him.

- In general, men do not understand the nuances of female psychology very well. If a man sensitively picks up any emotional impulses of a woman's soul, then this is either a mentally subtle person with excellent upbringing, or you should think about where he got such skills from, advises Natalya Rasskazova.

And, of course, as we said above, you should be wary of men who can speak beautifully. Normally, the stronger sex is not given such skills. It has been said more than once that men prefer to express their attitude in deeds, not in words. The womanizer is not capable of actions, and therefore compensates for this with chatter.

A relationship with a man who does not want to take responsibility can bring no less torment than with a womanizer or gigolo.

The main signs of an eternal boy are irresponsibility, unwillingness to admit their mistakes, the demand for love, but the inability to give it himself and excessively strong emotions.

These men attach great importance to their own desires and interests and completely childishly do not notice that they are contrary to the interests of others.

Such men can be talented and smart, charming and courteous, be able to look after a woman beautifully, demonstrate taste and an excellent sense of humor. But the need to make decisions or take responsibility, such men strive to shift onto others' shoulders.

Therefore, in family life, all the burden of household and financial problems have to be carried by their wives.


The words of eternal boys are always at odds with deeds. They can promise from three boxes, and fulfill only a hundredth part. Often they are late for dates or do not even come to them, and then come up with ridiculous excuses. Others are to blame for their failures - envious colleagues, vicious leaders And for their own misconduct they always have an excuse.

- Such specimens do not pay any attention to the feelings and emotions of the woman nearby. Not even able to feign concern for her. But they are very fond of complaining about their own problems and willingly give women the right to solve them, - warns Natalya Rasskazova.

This gives many women the illusion of their own need, and therefore they readily fall for the bait of such eternal boys. However, life with such specimens, among which there are very often alcoholics, is not able to bring a woman happiness.

A sure sign that you need to stay away from this man is his requests for help.

- When a man says that a woman is his savior, and from anything: alcoholism, financial problems, life's troubles - one should not expect good from the relationship, the psychologist warns. - As soon as a man begins to ask his chosen one for something, you can part with dreams of a happy relationship.

A typical example of a man to stay away from is Hugh Grant's character in The Diary of Bridget Jones. He is damn charming and charismatic, but he behaves incorrectly - he cheats on Bridget, walks about her volumes and eventually ruins her birthday, laying down on the asphalt with a bottle of vodka and begging Bridget: "Save me."

“It’s a man who should help a woman,” recalls the psychologist. - He must save her! It was prescribed to him by nature itself, she even specifically gave him such abilities. It is no coincidence that there is not a single fairy tale in which a brave princess would rescue a sleeping prince from captivity. Because it is pathology.

A man should be able to independently solve his problems and take care of a woman. Only next to such a man can you feel truly happy and protected. With the masters, it is beautiful to speak and magnificently look after there is every chance to try on the role of an unfortunate brooch a la Buzov.

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