Personal Experience: 6 Romantic Proposals

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Personal Experience: 6 Romantic Proposals
Personal Experience: 6 Romantic Proposals

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Holidays are a special time when people meet family members, eat delicious food and sleep for a long time. It is not surprising that proposals are made quite often during this period. Here are some very romantic stories about how the British offered their hand and heart on Christmas Eve!


1. "Everything is in a fog": Joanna and Chris

Chris is 27 years old and his fiancée Joanna is 26. They are both football fans from Manchester. At the same time, Chris is a fan of the local team, Manchester City, and Joanna travels to London every week to play Chelsea. And twice a year, when their teams play against each other, they come to the stadium together and sit in different sectors!

After three years of meetings, Chris decided that the marriage proposal should be original: "I wanted to surprise her and realized that a football match is what I need."

On December 3 of last year, when the next game of their teams was scheduled, he sent himself and his fiancee a fake invitation to a fan pair competition. Another couple "took off" and only they remained surrounded by 2000 fans. And he got down on one knee and said, "I love you and we are both here because we love football, and this is a great opportunity to offer you everything." Joanna immediately agreed. And then they, as always, went to different sectors, and Chelsea congratulated the girl on her victory.

Joanna believes that everything happened at the right time and in the right place: “He prepared for a long time, and for that I love him even more. It's good that everything is recorded on video! At that moment everything was like a fog, but now you can review it over and over again."

2. "It was like in the movies": Mary and Carl

35-year-old Mary and Carl from Surrey have known each other from college, but have not spoken for many years and met by chance last November. They went to New York together a month ago, and Karl had a plan to propose there. He took her for a walk in Central Park to go ice skating: it was her dream.

Karl warned everyone in advance that at the right time only he and Mary would remain on the ice. They stood in the center of the rink, and he asked: "Will you marry me?" When she agreed, the audience clapped. “It was like being in a movie,” Mary recalls. "It's like Hugh Grant asked me to do it."

3. "Like I'm a princess!": Charlotte and Craig

When 31-year-old Craig saw Charlotte on her first day at a new job, he immediately knew that she was the One.

Two years later, he invited her to go from her native Birmingham to London and stay in a very expensive hotel. While they ate dinner, assistants hired by Craig decorated the room and brought in musicians and a cameraman. Back in their room, they saw rose petals on the floor and lighted candles on all surfaces. Her favorite song was playing.

Craig took Charlotte by the hand and offered to marry him. Charlotte says: “It was wonderful. I'm like a princess! I don't know how to say I liked it, he did everything wonderfully!"

4. "It was a surprise!": Jenna and Andy

Jenna and Andy moved from England to Australia five years ago because they both loved the beach and the sea. But their parents, whom they missed, remained at home.

After ten years of marriage, Andy decided to hit Jenna in the heart. They used to celebrate Christmas together, but now the plans have changed.

He wanted to offer her his hand and heart on the beach, showing a pre-recorded video congratulating his relatives. But then I decided to invite everyone personally!

So Jenna came to the beach and saw a large crowd facing the water. When she approached, everyone turned around - and it turned out that these were her closest people. She could not contain a cry of amazement.

At that moment Andy did what he was going to do, and of course she answered yes. Jenna later said, “The presence of my family made this moment even more important. We still laugh that I didn’t know anything in advance”.

5. "It was great!": Prina and Maul

Maul, 30, had been preparing for a long time to propose marriage to 28-year-old Priya.They met at the University of Manchester nine years ago and have not parted since then. After graduation we moved to London.

He wanted to return to his hometown and talk in a beautiful place with views of Manchester - on the terrace of the King Street Townhouse Hotel.

After a night at the hotel, they took the elevator to breakfast. But Maul stopped the elevator on another floor, and his chosen one saw a photographer and musicians there. “It was so great, I can never forget this moment,” says Maul, and Prina completely agrees with him.

6. "Everything was well thought out": Rachel and Peter

27-year-old Peter and Rachel from London have gone through a lot together in six years of communication. He knew perfectly well that a modest girl would prefer a holiday only for the two of them, and not for a huge crowd.

Peter spread out small gifts for Rachel all over the house and prepared a quest. Arriving home from work, she saw a note at the door with the first clue.

Then she walked through all the rooms and collected the rest of the gifts with notes reminiscent of the happy events of life together. The last note contained the number, which she called, she learned that she needed to go down the stairs. Peter was there waiting for her. Rachel found what happened to be the best holiday present she could only dream of!

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