While You Were Sleeping: Top News For The Week Of September 9-15

While You Were Sleeping: Top News For The Week Of September 9-15
While You Were Sleeping: Top News For The Week Of September 9-15

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Vito (31) and Heidi (44), Fergie (42) and Josh (44) … They just broke our hearts. However, this week was also good. Read if you missed everything!


Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder's first exit after childbirth

The couple appeared together at the XQ Super School Live event in California. Nikki showed: just a couple of months after giving birth, she is in great shape. Recall, on July 25, the actress gave birth to a daughter.

Julia Peresild named the father of her children

Yulia Peresild (33) gave a frank interview in which she said that the father of her children is Aleksey Uchitel: “The father of my children is Aleksey Uchitel (66). And of course, Alexey is a good father who takes care of his daughters. I really hate talking about my personal life."

Angelina Jolie first appeared in an evening dress after her divorce from Pitt

The actress came to the premiere of her film "First They Killed My Father" at the Toronto Film Festival and took absolutely all of her children with her. Jolie (42) looked great - she was wearing an asymmetrical black Ralph & Russo dress and black pumps.

Apple released two new iPhones: iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Apple celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. At the anniversary presentation, the creators presented a lot of new gadgets - for example, Apple TV and Watch Series 3. But, of course, everyone was waiting for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X! And, believe me, it's not even in vain.

Nyusha's first family exit with her husband

The couple attended the party of Philip Kirkorov (50) on the "New Wave". Nyusha (27) chose a strict black suit for going out, and Igor (37) preferred light, light-colored trousers and a jacket with pinstripes.

Russian cinemas refused to show "Matilda"

Russian cinemas were dragging out the screenings until the last moment, and now the Cinema Park and Formula Kino chains have completely abandoned the distribution of Matilda. Press services said they fear for the safety of viewers.

Basta became GQ's Person of the Year

According to the voting results, Vasily Vakulenko (37) received the main award! He dedicated the nomination to his wife Elena. Congratulations!

Rapper Oxxxymiron has released a new song for the first time in nearly two years!

The rapper announced the new song on his Instagram: “During the night, unexpectedly for himself, he wrote and recorded a track. It is called "Bipolar" ". This, of course, is a big event - the first new song in two years, and right before the performance at the Olympic this November.

Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel split up after three years of relationship!

The People portal reported that the ex-lovers decided to take a break in the relationship: “They took a break in the relationship. They recently had a difficult period, and now they live separately from each other on opposite coasts. Plus, now is the start of the school year and Heidi (44) needs to focus on the kids.”

Selena Gomez got a kidney transplant!

It's no secret that Selena Gomez (25) has an incurable disease, lupus. That is why, at the beginning of summer, the singer had to undergo a kidney transplant. The donor was her friend Francis (29).

Former band'Eros soloist dies in the USA

Former band'Eros soloist Rodika Zmikhnovskaya has died in America. First, the singer fell into a coma and the next day she died of a cerebral hemorrhage. We express our condolences to the singer's family and friends.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel split after 8 years of marriage

This was reported by the People portal, having published the statements of the ex-spouses: “We decided to part with love and respect for each other. This happened earlier this year. To enable our family to adapt to new circumstances, we decided to wait and not share this with the public. We will always be united and will continue to support each other."

Lady Gaga was admitted to the hospital with severe pain in her hip

The singer had to cancel the concert due to unbearable pain. The fact is that in 2013, during the tour, the singer broke her hip and was forced to undergo surgery. The consequences still make themselves felt.

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