And I Love A Married Man: The Stars Who Took Their Husbands Away From The Family

And I Love A Married Man: The Stars Who Took Their Husbands Away From The Family
And I Love A Married Man: The Stars Who Took Their Husbands Away From The Family

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There are no sinless people in the world, and the stars are no exception. Women are arranged in such a way that they are "drawn" by all means to strong and successful men, and if the object of their love is also popular, then just write it was gone. As a rule, in such a situation, the presence of a legal spouse and sometimes even children behind the back of a loved one is not so important at all.


To win back their happiness, star beauties are ready for a lot - even close their eyes to the fact that their beloved already has a wife. Of course, such a relationship will inevitably lead to loud scandals in the arena of domestic show business. Someone publicly condemns the homeless women, calling them predators, and someone secretly admires them, because the struggle for happiness has been conducted dishonestly from time immemorial. But who are they, these insidious beauties?

Vera Brezhneva, singer Former lead singer of the VIA Gra group Vera Brezhneva can rightfully be considered one of the most gorgeous women on the modern stage. However, the blonde beauty has a strange tendency to take husbands away from families. An affair with a married businessman, Mikhail Kiperman, once became the subject of heated debate among Vera's fans. However, their couple soon broke up, and Brezhnev drew attention to her music producer - Konstantin Meladze, who, by the way, at that time was also tied by the knot of legal marriage.

Kristina Asmus, actress Charming and sweet girl Kristina Asmus is in no way associated with a fatal beauty who can drive a wedge between legal spouses. However, as you know, in a quiet whirlpool, the Famous Doctor Varya won her husband, the popular showman Garik Kharlamov, from his lawful wife Yulia Leshchenko, and in order to consolidate the success, gave birth to her beloved child, whom he had long dreamed of.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya, actress All they do is talk about the insidious daughter of the country's most famous musketeer, as the one who once broke the heart of actor Danila Kozlovsky, forgetting about another person whose family life was destroyed by Boyarskaya's spell. We are talking about the ex-wife of Maxim Matveyev - Yana Sexte. Elizabeth charmed Maxim as soon as he managed to get married. As a result, the marriage of the young actor fell apart, not lasting even a year. The whole country knows what happened next - the artists are happy together and are raising their common son Andrey.

Albina Dzhanabaeva, singer Another shy singer, Albina Dzhanabaeva, fought for her man from his lawful wife for a long time and stubbornly. The woman worked for Valery Meladze as a backing vocalist for some time and was always, as they say, “at hand”, yes “in front of our eyes”. As a result, the heart of the Georgian could not stand such pressure and the office romance whirled the two artists. Soon Albina not only entered the star line-up of the VIA Gra group, but also gave birth to her beloved son. Who knows, maybe the stellar romance would eventually come to naught by itself, but too much attention and constant discussion of the couple in the press provoked Valery's legal wife to file for divorce. And so that the musician quickly made a decision on a new marriage, Dzhanabaeva gave birth to his second son.

Yulia Snigir, actress The loudest of all the stellar scandals was, perhaps, the one that provoked Evgeny Tsyganov's departure from his pregnant wife and six children. The romance between the graceful beauty Yulia and Eugene originated, as is often the case with actors, on the set. And even though Tsyganov was not officially married, all his children still bear his last name, and the “not free” status flashed over him with all possible lights. But Julia was unstoppable. The man did not think long and choose. He almost immediately left for a new lover, without even waiting for the birth of his seventh child.However, Snigir, apparently, was also in a position where Tsyganov chose between her and the first de facto wife. The artists' common son was born shortly after the birth of Tsyganov's daughter from his first wife.

Paulina Andreeva, actress Paulina Andreeva is another young beauty who broke the long-term marriage of director Fyodor Bondarchuk and journalist Svetlana Bondarchuk. The man never hid his admiration for the young actress, publicly calling her "gorgeous." Soon, a slight hobby grew into something more and the whole country began to sympathize with Svetlana Bondarchuk. *** Eva.Ru started publishing selected best articles and discussions to her groups on social networks. Subscribe to us on Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki to read us and stay connected. Thank you!

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