The Stars Who Took Other People's Husbands Away From The Family

The Stars Who Took Other People's Husbands Away From The Family
The Stars Who Took Other People's Husbands Away From The Family

Video: The Stars Who Took Other People's Husbands Away From The Family

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Albina Dzhanabaeva


Albina Dzhanabaeva still bears the mark of a homeowner. And all because at one time she managed to seduce an exemplary family man and father of three children Valery Meladze. Celebrities hid their romance for several years. During this time, the soloist of VIA "Gra" even managed to give birth to a son, Kostya. Of course, she preferred to hide the name of the child's father.

When the relationship became public, Meladze had no choice but to divorce his legal wife and formalize the relationship with Albina. Now the spouses already have two children: in 2014, Dzhanabaeva gave birth to her second son, Luka.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

With the usual cinematic role of Elizaveta Boyarskaya, the image of a homeless woman does not fit well, however, a scandalous story is listed behind her. With her current husband Maksim Matveyev, she started an affair on the set of the drama I Shall Not Tell. Then the actor was married to his colleague Yana Sexte, but feelings for Lisa turned out to be stronger. Envious people expect a boomerang effect and regularly spread rumors about the separation of Boyarskaya and Matveyev, but everything is still fine in the couple's relationship.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Sergei Zhigunov had a similar scenario. The whole country watched the development of the on-screen relations of this hot couple in early 2005. The beautiful nanny turned out to be so charming that Sergei, without hesitation, left his wife Vera Novikova for her, with whom he had been legally married for 24 years. Now Anastasia is married to figure skater Peter Chernyshev.

Kristina Asmus

The fans (and Garik's wife Yulia Leshchenko) did not know about the relationship between Christina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov until the Interns star became pregnant. Upon learning of this, Julia raised the central media on her ears. The girl gave an interview to one of the popular glossy publications, in which she said that Garik deceived her to the last and did not admit that he was spinning the novel on the side. Now Asmus and Kharlamov are reluctant to talk about their personal lives. But judging by the joint pictures of the couple on social networks, complete harmony reigns in their relationship.


Last week, hockey player Ivan Telegin was accused of cheating on his wife Pelageya. Against the background of rumors about the relationship of the athlete on the side, fans remembered how at one time Pelageya herself took Ivan away from the family.

It was three years ago. Then Telegin had been involved with his girlfriend Eugenia Noir for three years, who in January 2016 gave birth to his son Mark. But feelings for the charming Pelageya turned out to be stronger. Ivan left his family and went down the aisle with the Golos mentor. Now they are raising their daughter Taisia ​​together.

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