6 Female Flaws That Actually Attract Men

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6 Female Flaws That Actually Attract Men
6 Female Flaws That Actually Attract Men

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If you suffer from the fact that suddenly one day you decided that you are not perfect and now men will not even look at you, then our recommendations will definitely come in handy for you. We have compiled a list of female flaws that actually seem incredibly cute to the stronger sex and delight them.

A healthy appetite

Psychologists say that recently people have simply forgotten how to enjoy the very process of absorbing food. And first of all, this, of course, concerns women. Instead of enjoying the process and the taste of the dishes, the ladies with manic persistence calculate calories and worry about being overweight. Sexologists, by the way, are in solidarity with them and pay attention to the fact that nothing brings partners closer together than joint cooking (preferably with good musical accompaniment). It is believed that if a lady knows a lot about food and has a good appetite, then she can enjoy the caresses of her partner. Men read this on a subconscious level, so stop being shy and allow yourself to enjoy your favorite foods.

Feminine forms

Light fullness really paints you, and if you don't believe, then pay attention to the way men look at women with appetizing forms. And even if glossy magazines firmly impose model parameters on you, according to the men themselves, they would hardly want to meet the same Angelina Jolie at home. It's one thing to see these skinny beauties on your TV screens or on the red carpet, and quite another to watch them in everyday life. Their ultimate dream is a fit lady with sexy curves. Therefore, if you are lamenting about 3-5 extra pounds, it is better to remember once again which women are chosen by the most beautiful men on the planet (believe me, there really is something to see).


Want to make faces, stick out your tongue, or laugh incessantly? Why not! Be direct. Men prefer this kind of manifestation of feelings more than your pretentiousness or the desire to be who you really are not. Therefore, give up deliberately bright makeup and vulgar images and show him your real self. Believe that he will appreciate it for sure.

Mimic wrinkles

Do not be afraid of light wrinkles around the eyes and lips and wage a desperate struggle with them. In the eyes of men, they do not look like a flaw, but something that paints you and speaks of your cheerful disposition. In addition, as the representatives of the stronger sex themselves admit, they are already tired of the same type of appearance "like a carbon copy", which is created by the hands of plastic surgeons, and now dream of naturalness and naturalness.

Great sense of humor

To be more precise, an easy attitude to life and the ability to turn any problem into something frivolous will become your real trump card in dealing with a man. And if you laugh at all his jokes and yourself can demonstrate your excellent sense of humor, fool around and sometimes commit frivolous acts, then you can safely assume that you have definitely won his heart. If you cannot immediately give out something extraordinary, then first try to get your chosen one out for a night walk or even take a ticket to the last movie show. Only, mind you, on "places for kisses" and with the obligatory continuation. Believe me, the man will appreciate it and in return will prepare you something interesting too.

Light negligence and clumsiness

We are not talking about the need to turn into a slob with a chipped manicure and go out in awkward outfits.However, men do not mind light shaggy, lack of makeup and soft cozy things and consider them incredibly sexy. They assure that the image of a "home girl" acts on them directly magically and excitingly. Just don't take it to the point of absurdity and turn into a typical housewife in a greasy robe and a mask on her face. The same goes for your behavior. It is clear that not all ladies have grace and fluidity of movement. And if you consider yourself clumsy - don't despair! Men find it quite cute and funny.

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