Lady Gaga Dressed Up In Red Foil

Lady Gaga Dressed Up In Red Foil
Lady Gaga Dressed Up In Red Foil

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Lady Gaga can surprise with shocking looks. The singer recently delighted fans with the costume of the "naughty elf", and now she again took up the old one.


Publication from Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)

Dec 14 2017 at 06:21 PST

In the new pictures in Insta, Lady Gaga appears in a red foil jumpsuit. The singer's makeup is not inferior to the costume: brightly drawn eyes, shiny blue lips. “When my mind starts to wander, I spend it on creativity and friends. It is better to put dreams in a certain room, and not leave them in your head,”the singer left a mysterious message under one of the pictures.

Apparently, her new lover is so romantically influenced by her - her agent Christian Carino (Christian Carino).

Recently, Gaga opened up, saying that she is now completely ready for family life and wants to have children, writes the OK-magazine. In November, the media reported that Carino proposed to her sweetheart.

Previously, Lady Gaga dated actor Taylor Kinney, but last summer the couple announced that they were breaking off their engagement. Then the singer hurried to clarify: “Taylor and I have always believed that we are halves of a single whole. Like any couple, our relationship has had its ups and downs, but now we decided to take a break."

Later, Lady Gaga decided to put an end to the ex-boyfriend's ring from Lorraine Schwartz with a diamond in the shape of a heart. Taylor gave this piece of jewelry to the Lady in honor of her engagement.

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