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What kind of nonsense does society recognize as "normal" in sex, but the harsh reality destroys these imposed myths?


Everyone has their own "cockroaches", we all do crazy things, but society momentarily turns on its "mouthpiece of righteousness." According to the laws of decency, we instantly fall into the "black list" of misunderstanding. We all sin, but from the outside we prefer to appear righteous. There is no forgiveness for other people's sins, but there is so much sweetness and satisfaction in your mistakes. Double standards are everywhere, based on carnal desires and emotions.

We often hear the phrase "but it's all wrong", but I only remember about subjective concepts ?! Where is the clear line between black and white? Who suddenly became a magistrate and decided that there is only one scenario to live? You create your day, you are the protagonist of your novel. You and your partner decide what is normal for you, a standard form of pastime and entertainment. There are no canons. The edges are erased. The world goes with the flow, which is called "sin". But only you and your partner can assess your degree of “creativity in this sin”. You and only your fantasies can live an independent life.

What is “normal” in the intimate sphere? Who created the rulebook and who oversees its implementation? - No one. Everything is in your head. What is sinful for your neighbor can become a routine for your evening. Should you feel like an outcast who likes out-of-the-box things? - Not. There are conventionally rules that cannot be broken, but all these conventions are contained in the choice of each of us.

What kind of nonsense does society recognize as "normal" in sex, but the harsh reality destroys these imposed myths?

1. Scheduled sex

Society imposes on us closeness on a schedule. Friday evening? Saturday morning? Once a week? Two? How often should you have sex? How many times a day, week, month? Do you need a schedule? Who monitors the frequency of execution? Is physical intimacy good for your health? - This is such nonsense.

Sex is an emotion, an impulse, a desire. It is impossible to predict it. It either flares up or it doesn't. Everyone decides for himself how, where and who he wants. You can derive a formula, but the components of this formula will be the frequency of desire and the ability to translate this desire into reality. Wanted - "fell in love." I didn’t want to - I refused.

You need to live by impulses, not a schedule. Gentlemen, we have fun, and do not think about who and what will think of you.

2. Morality of the intimate process

Who, tell me, who knows how to make love CORRECTLY ?! Which positions are acceptable and which are immoral? How can you be creative with your mistress and what is strictly forbidden to do with your wife? Which toys are allowed and which are considered immoral? - Sea of ​​inhibitions and no pleasure.

There is no concept of "not normal". Everyone has their own ambitions, desires and fantasies. No one can forbid you from oral sex if you want to. Do you like to play? - Give yourself to the game entirely. Forget about the norms of society.

In the USSR, there was no sex at all, and somehow the children were raised. The sin is already in the fact that the girl was born a representative of the fair sex, why then continue to pretend to be a quiet one ?!

This also applies to men, but, as statistics show, men are more open to impulses of fantasies during the process of pleasure. And rightly so. One life, you need to live today.

3. Double standards

Double standards are a relic of the last century. Why is it “okay” to sleep three together, but my wife should not have such an experience? Why is it “okay” to practice anal sex, but my girlfriend shouldn't even know about it? Why is cheating for men is "normal", but for a girl - a stigma for life? Who introduced the system of double standards? Why does “right” exist only in the narrow sense of the word? Where are the strict requirements for all members of the community? Why are there bans for players, but there is permissiveness for team owners? Why was what is “normal” for a modern girl taboo for a 70s girl? Tired of the framework.

The harsh truth of double standards is that a man can change, choose, live in an eternal search, and a girl must wait. Wait for her to be chosen, wait for her to be called in to marry. Why does the excuse for cheating a man sound like this: "I am by nature polygamous"? It's a bullshit. This is an invented myth that benefits those who cheat and those who permanently forgive those cheating.

It is high time to send to hell all those who have forgotten what the meaning of life is! Happiness is everyone's goal, but we often pry into the lives of others to brighten up our insipid existence. It's time to live, not envy. Take your life off the parking brake and step on the gas with confidence.

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