Divorce Online: How To Dissolve A Marriage Remotely

Divorce Online: How To Dissolve A Marriage Remotely
Divorce Online: How To Dissolve A Marriage Remotely

Video: Divorce Online: How To Dissolve A Marriage Remotely

Video: Online divorce procedure in Ukraine - How to dissolve a marriage remotely 2021 2022, December

The pandemic tied them tighter than marriage. Muscovite Svetlana Subbotina for several months could not divorce her ex-spouse because of the quarantine measures that had begun and the inability to meet with her former soul mate in the necessary instances.


“The beginning of the second meeting coincided with the beginning of quarantine, and when the turn came, on April 2, I was told that the meeting was postponed indefinitely,” the woman said. “The registry office also had difficulties: I had to make an appointment - it was already in early June ".

Severe quarantine restrictions, and even more often - a complete lack of desire among former spouses to see and negotiate led to the emergence of an unusual service in Russia. Citizens from 2021 have the opportunity to get divorced remotely. The first stage is filing an online registry office application. To do this, however, you will have to acquire an enhanced electronic signature.

"You need to come personally to the authorized bodies indicated on the website of state services, present your passport. The authorized person will confirm that it is you and will give you an enhanced electronic signature," said lawyer Alexander Sirotkin. one, then the other joins through his own office."

And then the most interesting part. Tired of each other, spouses can already at a distance discuss the details of parting, and most importantly - the division of property, the amount of alimony or the procedure for communicating with children. Hundreds of meters or tens of kilometers from each other, with the help of a new digital notary service.

One spouse comes to one notary, the other - to another. Notaries communicate with each other via a closed channel, and in the video communication mode, all the details of the agreements are discussed. After that, a draft document is drawn up, the parties sign it, and notaries certify it.

"You can divide everything online - there are no restrictions here. That is, the notary will check the ownership of the property, it is just that people do not see each other," said notary Alexander Sagin.

The agreement certified in this way has the force of a writ of execution, and if its conditions are not met, you can safely contact the bailiffs. Of course, all this is done at will, and you can always file a divorce in the old fashioned way, in person. By the way, if there are no material disputes, then it will be enough to issue a notarial consent to divorce, and in this case, you will not have to see your ex-spouse either.

Source: Vesti

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