A Competent Lawyer Will Not Advise A Man To Marry

A Competent Lawyer Will Not Advise A Man To Marry
A Competent Lawyer Will Not Advise A Man To Marry

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Not a single literate (I emphasize - just "literate") lawyer will not advise a man to get married in modern conditions. Not in the USA, not in Europe, not in Russia, not even, probably, anywhere in Zimbabwe. This is too dreary and expensive business.


If everyone was in the same "gloomy scoop" both newlyweds were, as a rule, naked and barefoot, and together in rented rooms or in a hostel, clenching their teeth, they were waiting for their first (and most often - and last) apartment from the bounty of the socialist state, then there, with monstrous efforts, they bought a bed, a wall, some "Romanian" kitchen and transported grandmother's chest (together with grandmother, and sometimes grandfather), and then for a week they booted all the way, but now, again, as a rule, everyone needs everything and right away.

Probably, somewhere there are women who are ready to spend their youth on living with their beloved in a graduate student dormitory, but their number is less than the number of Americans who supposedly visited the moon. A woman wants comfort, love, expensive robes, oysters with champagne, a little Miami and a Cartier ring. And this is absolutely normal (unless, of course, it turns into an endless fairy tale "About the Fisherman and the Fish" (not the Rybka you all thought about).

The trouble is that it is almost impossible for a young man to make money on all this (at least, steadily and constantly). It is easier to steal, but there are risks … And therefore, if a man accumulates something by the age of 40, then it is exclusively - either by completely unbearable work "in galleys", or by participation in the corresponding "schemes", for which it is unambiguous already - from 5 to 15 with confiscation and without parole.

No, God forbid me, God, step on the slippery slope of anti-feminism: many women also earn, and very well. But there is one caveat. Under the "forty" the family usually has 2-3 children, they are textbooks with his wife and, in the event of a divorce, 2/3 of the "jointly acquired" goes to them + more alimony and permanent additional payments. expenses for children.

And the peasant's “earning money” in his fifties is not the same. Moreover, all this so far practically does not apply to the fattest - Russian oligarchs. They successfully, like Mordashov or Potanin, beat their ex-wives in Russian and English courts, or, like Roman Arkadyevich, they know how to negotiate very well with the "ex."

And managers and other "shelupon" with incomes from below- to above-average remain under the blow of ex-wives, who, thanks to lawyers, successfully milk them. It is this fear, when you will find yourself under "half a month" alone, without assets and without a real opportunity to earn substantial money and create a new family, and will be the main determining factor in the conditional "marriage market" for the next hundred years. Better to give a common-law wife a lot for Bentleys, pink panties and Miami now than almost everything in a divorce. And now no one is confident that there will be no divorce. Tea, not the good Soviet times with the trade union committee, party committee and grandmothers at the entrance.

Now a woman decides that "a man interferes with her personal growth" and everything goes n ***. No, of course, much more often the personal happiness of men is "hindered" by strongly "outdated and wrinkled" women, but that is why they are more and more aggressive in securing their "marriage rights", "future children" and finding good lawyers.

And sometimes a man just gets tired of working hard on it and listening to complaints that "people live much better." That is why not a single competent lawyer will advise a man to marry.

Source: Dmitry Gololobov's blog

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