Let's Get Married: Marriage Options You Didn't Know About

Let's Get Married: Marriage Options You Didn't Know About
Let's Get Married: Marriage Options You Didn't Know About

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Marriage, matrimony have existed since the first people appeared. These days, the word "marriage" causes mixed feelings in people. Some dream of it as a miracle, others with horror imagine a boat crashing into everyday life. The old concept of marriage has taken on a number of legal and formal variations, which are interesting to know about.


The main types of marriages

Legal marriage with a stamp in the passport is a marriage documented in the state registry office. The spouses who choose this type of marriage have the right to joint ownership of all acquired property and become the primary heirs of each other. In Russia, this type of marriage is available only to partners of different sexes, as well as the establishment of children.

Cohabitation or actual marriage is a type of marriage without a stamp in the passport, which implies cohabitation and separation of life by opposite-sex couples. Unlike a legal marriage, after the death of one partner, the other does not have legal rights to the inheritance of the deceased. The type of cohabitation includes same-sex marriage, the conclusion of which is not available in the Russian Federation.

Church marriage is a marriage sanctified by the church. The wedding in the church is preceded by the conclusion of an official legal marriage in the registry office. Abroad, for Catholics, a church wedding and registration at the registry office have equal legal significance. This type of marriage is of great spiritual importance to couples. Often spouses decide to secure the marriage by a wedding after several years of marriage, checking the relationship.

Alternative types of family relationships

Guest marriage is a union of a man and a woman, registered in the registry office, living separately from each other. Relationships between spouses exclude common life. Such a marriage is created for separation, but joint recreation and entertainment.

Open marriage involves open sexual intercourse between partners and other people, which is not considered adultery. Such a marriage is supposed to help build harmonious relationships by allowing each spouse to retain choice and individuality.

A fictitious marriage is an illegal, sham marriage without the intention of starting a family. Drawn up by conspiracy of spouses to obtain both or one of them benefits from the state. In Russia, a fictitious marriage, if there is evidence for the court, can be invalidated.

Polygamy (polygyny) - a marriage is contracted by a man with several women, with each of the women separately. In Russia, this form of polygamy is available to representatives of Islam, however, only one woman is allowed to register a legal marriage. Cohabitation is allowed with other wives.

Polyandry (polyandry) is the simultaneous state of a woman married to several men among the peoples of Tibet and Hawaii.

Childfree (virgin marriage) - spouses entering into such a marriage do not initially intend to have children. However, some statistical studies show that couples tend to change this decision as they get older.

Curious facts about marriage

The tradition of exchanging rings dates back to the times of Ancient Egypt. According to traditions from Ancient Rome, the kiss that seals the marriage at the end of the ceremony symbolizes the seal and validates the contract.

The ancient Greeks did not allow the assignment of public office to bachelors. Unmarried and childless men in Sparta were subject to universal contempt. The ancient Roman emperor Augustus forced citizens to marry by force of law, and punished the unmarried.

In some states and cultures, it is allowed to marry objects or animals. In 2007, in France, a marriage was recorded between a woman and the Eiffel Tower.And in India, a man was married to a dog for the purpose of repentance.

A posthumous marriage in which one of the spouses is deceased is legal in France. Similar varieties exist in China and Sudan.

The first same-sex marriage in ancient Rome did not attract public attention. In Christian times, the first officially recognized same-sex marriage was in 1989 in Denmark.

Do you think the institution of marriage is really dying out? What will families be like in a hundred years?

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