What Men And Women Think About Oral Sex

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What Men And Women Think About Oral Sex
What Men And Women Think About Oral Sex

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The phrase "And with these lips she will then kiss my children!" long ago passed into the category of anecdotes and therefore as a serious argument is not put forward. Even from those who really disapprove of oral sex.


However, polls conducted by Passion.ru scouts in social networks have shown that oral sex is still not taken seriously by many men and women and is not even considered sex.

But, what is most offensive, if our compatriots are asked a question about oral sex, then 98% will talk about fellazio, that is, about a situation where the female mouth and male genitals are involved. The remaining couple of percent will remember that, in fact, there is also cunnilingus. And it would never occur to anyone that truly oral sex (that is, oral sex that brings both partners to orgasm) is possible only in the pose "69" - this plot is not even discussed. So, in fact, the article should be titled "What Men and Women Think About Blowjob."

Should it be considered sex?

You will be surprised, but the majority of men argue like Clinton in the era of the scandal with Monica Lewinsky: if there was no contact of the genitals, then there was no sex either.

Andrey, 39 years old

“Blow job is not sex. This is either a foreplay or an artificial conclusion, if a woman managed to finish during normal sex, but a man did not, then she can bring her partner to the final in such a simple way."

Yuri, 36 years old

“Fellazio, excuse me, is a method of contraception. It is definitely impossible to get pregnant through the mouth. Therefore, you must first naturally bring a woman to orgasm, and then she (as a token of gratitude) will bring you - in a completely safe way."

Women still tend to think of oral sex as sex. Although their arguments are sometimes purely philological:

Anna, 29 years old

“What is called“oral sex”means sex. What discrepancies can there be?"

Olga, 32 years old

“If a man has penetrated a woman, it is not so important which side. It's already sex."

Obviously, there is no oral orgasm. However, for some reason, women practice blowjob? What joy does he have with him?

Snezhana, 32

“It seems to me that this is a pleasure in the 'look as I can' format. Such narcissism, the desire to impress a man."

Vitaly, 35

“I think oral sex is always a kind of concession, or even a bribe on the part of a woman. Pure altruism: she does not get pleasure, but delivers it."

Andrey, 39

“A woman enjoys the feeling of power. Actually, this is the only form of sex where it dominates."

Here the dear edition was a little surprised. It seemed to us that the opposite version is more popular: a blowjob is the apotheosis of female humiliation and male power. But, as you will soon realize, almost no one thinks so. The opinion that oral sex is a form of humiliation is somewhat outdated. Although, of course, it occurs …

Diana, 39

“For a woman, this is always a sacrifice. She does it not for herself, but for the man."

Olga, 32

“I strongly disagree about the victim! If sex is love, then female pleasure from oral sex is such an animal delight that it is inside you. What is called "I would have eaten it." Kisses don't seem like a victim to us, do we? Here is Fellazio - the same, only more."

This question turned out to be the most difficult. It is clear that a man will get his orgasm in any case - even from genital sex, even from oral sex, even from anal sex. But are there any specific reasons that make them want and beg their friends for oral techniques? Most men, as it turned out, love oral sex, but they themselves do not understand why. Even women have more versions on this score.

Olesya, 33

“It seems to me that for men this is one of the most socially approved ways of domination.He gets pleasure not only on the physiological level, but also morally - from the fact that he humiliated a woman."

Irina, 29

“Oral sex is a symbol of total acceptance. And if a woman swallows sperm, a man can be sure that this is love."

Alexandra, 35

“When performing oral sex, a man is allowed not to use a condom. I don't see any other bonuses."

Marianna, 30

“You can do more tricks with your tongue and lips than you can naturally. When I give a blowjob, my husband says that I am fluent in several languages."

The latest version is considered working by many men:

Oleg, 40

"I heard that Thai prostitutes can create a vacuum effect with a vagina. But all other women are capable of such a trick only with oral contact."

Stanislav, 38

“The sensations of oral and regular sex are very different. Regular sex is an ordinary dish to relieve stress. Oral is a delicacy for gourmets."

Vitaly, 35 years old

“Oral sex is the way to go. The transition of a man to passive. When you have an erection, but you don't want to move, then you can ask the girl for a blowjob."

By the way, laziness and fatigue more often than others act as a weighty argument, and on both sides:

Ira, 38

"When we want intimacy, but we have no strength for anything, oral sex helps out."

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