Best Of November: Top 10 Coolest PEOPLETALK Content

Best Of November: Top 10 Coolest PEOPLETALK Content
Best Of November: Top 10 Coolest PEOPLETALK Content

Video: Best Of November: Top 10 Coolest PEOPLETALK Content

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The Volochkova scandal, Irina Shayk's interview and cheap beauty products from AliExpress - summing up the results of the outgoing month! What materials did our readers like the most in November?

1st place. Chermen Dzotov, said that he was not in the photo with Volochkova

The former lover of the ballerina, who, presumably, posted the pictures on the Web, first confirmed that it was he in the photo, and then said that he was not in the pictures. Then the sex instructor of the former lover joined the scandal. In general, a ridiculous story.

2nd place. Irina Shayk's interview about a child, husband and sexuality

Irina Shayk (31) frankly told the fashion magazine HOLA! about sexuality, parenting and the ideal man. The supermodel is sure: sexuality is not about push-ups and short dresses, but “inner harmony, which is responsible for whether magic happens. And if there is no harmony, you can feel it very much. " And Irina, who became a mother at the end of March, hinted: she met her only one. “I don’t think there is a perfect time to have children. First you need to find your man, the ideal man."

3rd place. Best beauty products from AliExpress

Inexpensive beauty products you can buy on Ali Express. We have selected the best ones.

4th place. Fashion failure of Russian Kim Kardashian

Anastasia Kvitko (23), whom everyone calls the Russian Kim Kardashian (37), chose not the most successful outfit for the recent release.

5th place. Riot at the Zara factory

Workers sewing clothes for Zara in Istanbul did not receive their wages for three months and revolted: they left tags in their pockets with the words: "I sewed the product you are going to buy, but I was not paid for it."

6th place. Scandal Feduk and Eljay

Aljay (23) blocked the popular music video "Rosé Wine". “The clip x *** I was posted without approval from us, in this form I did not want to release it. When I saw it, I wanted to take it down, as there is such an opportunity. Assessing the situation soberly, he decided not to ruin Feduk's (25) career. The video will be back,”Aljay said.

7th place. Olga Buzova laughed at her ex-husband

Former husband of Olga Buzova (31) Dmitry Tarasov (30), who now plays for the Lokomotiv team, did not qualify for the Russian national team. Buzova reacted instantly: she sang "Hit Parade" live and especially emphasized the words "you did not hit".

8th place. Keti Topuria and Guf are still together?

An unknown girl appeared on the Instagram photo of Gufa (38). She hid her face. But the fans guessed that it was Keti Topuria (31). Officially, they did not declare themselves as a couple.

9th place. Selena Gomez dating Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez (25) parted ways with The Weeknd (27) and is now dating Justin Bieber (23). Are you glad?

10th place. Stars who met with Western celebrities

We recalled 10 Russian stars who once dated cool Western celebrities.

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