How To Behave If You Earn More Than Your Loved One

How To Behave If You Earn More Than Your Loved One
How To Behave If You Earn More Than Your Loved One

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Are you successful, self-confident, attractive and, in addition, earn much more than your loved one? Keep in mind - perhaps because of this, he suffers from a sense of inferiority and uselessness. The risk of scandals and claims is high! How to behave so that your man does not feel hurt? The expert says.

Olesya Fominykh

psychologist-psychotherapist, specialist in family relations

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The main thing is to remember: no matter how much he receives monthly, appreciate what he does. Become his fan, show that he is support and support for you. Remind him regularly: he is doing great, he is the most hardworking and purposeful. Don't say it through your teeth. A man will immediately understand that in reality you do not think so. Sincerity is most important here.

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Do you compare his financial success with the “performance” of other men? You can forget about normal relationships. Your partner will react extremely painfully. It is no secret that the level of earnings for many of the stronger sex is an indicator of masculinity and wealth. Eliminate the words "weak", "stupid", "lazy" from your vocabulary. You don't want to humiliate him completely, do you? Believe me, he's not very comfortable anyway.

Don't turn him into a house cleaner

If you have a desire to entrust your beloved with a number of chores around the house, explaining this with the words “I work, I get and feed my family, but you won’t go around on your salary,” stop. You risk changing roles with him. Your salary is not yet a reason to turn him into a housewife. If he comes from the office before you and he has free time, ask him for help with household chores, but not in the tone of a tough boss. Be softer. So you will show that you need his help and support even in everyday life.

This behavior is just silly. It will lead to endless quarrels and scandals. Few men will agree to endure that his girlfriend with all her appearance emphasizes the fact that she is a successful business woman, and he is a loser. Yes, you hold a prestigious and highly paid position, and he is a simple clerk. Be glad that it works! Many guys, seeing that their partner is making good money, become lazy and lose the desire to grow up the career ladder.

Eliminate the fight

In a situation where you suddenly began to earn more, the guy may have a kind of excitement. It's like a challenge that he must answer, proving that he is stronger than you. There is a high risk that a man will turn into a real workaholic and will not notice anything but work! So close to parting. Therefore, convince your loved one that there is no "socialist competition" between you. You love and appreciate him, no matter what.

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