Utkin To Solovyov: “You Don't Have Anything Of Your Own At All. Even Your Appearance Was Stolen From Kashpirovsky. "

Utkin To Solovyov: “You Don't Have Anything Of Your Own At All. Even Your Appearance Was Stolen From Kashpirovsky. "
Utkin To Solovyov: “You Don't Have Anything Of Your Own At All. Even Your Appearance Was Stolen From Kashpirovsky. "

Video: Utkin To Solovyov: “You Don't Have Anything Of Your Own At All. Even Your Appearance Was Stolen From Kashpirovsky. "


Blogger and journalist Vasily Utkin once again answered TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov. The conflict began when Soloviev called Utkin a sick man for his criticism of the Russian authorities. In response, Utkin described Soloviev as a "pederastic monkey." Then Vasily challenged his opponent to Versus Battle, but Soloviev refused to battle. In addition, during the conflict, Solovyov accused Utkin of advertising the "Marafonbet" bookmaker's "banned in Russia".

“You are trying to attack my business partners. Vova, akstis! I heard it helps you sometimes. These are advertisers, Vova. They come to my channel because I make decent content. Subscribers also come to me. There were already a lot of them, and after I chased you, a huge crowd came running. And I honestly warned them: “Guys, keep in mind, I am a football journalist. I do not chase the Nightingale every week. " So what do you think? Stayed. Therefore, Vov, the assessment of the situation is clearly not your strong point.

I also soberly assess my strength. Even if I were a sponge the size of myself, even then, a brainless sponge, I would not delude myself that I am able to absorb all the shit that you can exude from yourself. Vova, I decided not to bark with you at the bazaar, I want to humiliate you, and I enjoy how you dance and sing from one tweet in your studio. You do not understand that you cannot deprive me of anything, nothing at all. What do you want to scare me with? You have something to lose, you are zero without a stick, even one zero, not two - it at least resembled eggs.

From the very beginning you assailed me for the words that I uttered on the air of Panopticon, that the state, to which I have been taxing off for so many years, does not protect me in any way, and everything I do to protect myself from a pandemic, I I do it with my own money. At the same time, the state is also ruining my business. These are the words you let loose. Honestly, Vova, on the day when I recorded the first video message to you, I posted it, and at some point, if not fear, then some revival and inner excitement overtook me, because two hours after I he did this, and a message appeared that the president will again turn to the Russians today. I called you to the battle, and then the president is going to address the people about this.

The President took it and said: it's time to help small business. Supported me. He supported me, not you. No, well, of course, what kind of support is it? There, the next day, Minister Reshetnikov, I heard, called the bank - he hoped to get a loan and could not. So, in general, my questions remain. But how do you look in your own eyes? I will not react accordingly to your shit throwing. The children are watching me. I will not react to shit throwing otherwise, and even more so, I will not spend good quality punches on it.

You were called to battle according to Versus laws. This does not mean that you are a rapper. Well, what kind of rapper are you really? Though in this you more or less adequately assessed yourself, Vovka. I summoned you to Versus Battle, because I want a general census of Russian-speaking bots to take place on YouTube after this release. They will all come to vote for you. And it is quite obvious that no one else will do this. I think that not even all your daughters will support you, not even all of their names - some even have two: such a beautiful, wonderful, very national manner, to which you really love to pedal your wonderful attention. You don't have anything of your own at all. Even your appearance was stolen from Kashpirovsky. The old man over there looked at you now, at the fact that again some interest arose in you thanks to me, of course, and also got out on the air.Do you understand? Kashpirovsky! He dyed his hair with shoe polish - both as real, as alive. And all because of you - stole a person's appearance. You laugh at my fat appearance, at the fact that I swam and so on. But I, Vova, will lose weight, and I will have a neck again. But you never had a neck and never will.

Thank God quarantine, there is a lot of time to cuss. How do you imagine life in general? You suggest that I call you. My God, why? Why would I even have your phone, Vova, for what? Explain. Why do you even need a phone as an object? Your bosses don't call you. Do you know why? Because when you talk to bosses, your mouth gets busy, and I've already described that. Why would you call your subordinates? You kick them at work, a lot of honor. You have no friends. Why would you even have a phone? You have been summoned to battle. If you want, come the seconds. If not, roll aside and stink as long as you like. After all, nightingale droppings, although there can be a lot of it, the object itself is tiny, small, you can't throw it far. I understand that this biological feature of the nightingale forms the basis of the idea of ​​the studio that you occupy. After all, we do not see walls there, they are in a black hole. And all why? Because you are throwing droppings, but it does not fly far away - it is covered in stains.

So go to battle or sit in your bunker, throw shit on the walls. Sit in the bunker like a real fascist. You are a fan of Mussolini, how much you talked about him. And I am always at your service. No, of course, not always, but at any time at your service. And I won't need much time for you,”Utkin said in a video on his YouTube channel.

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