Eternal Love: The Feelings Of Married Couples Married For Over 50 Years

Eternal Love: The Feelings Of Married Couples Married For Over 50 Years
Eternal Love: The Feelings Of Married Couples Married For Over 50 Years

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For those who do not believe in eternal love, photographer Lauren Fleischman took the Love Ever After series, in which she captured the tender feelings of married couples who have been married for over 50 years.


When the photographer's grandfather Lauren Fleischman passed away, she found a book by his bed with the dates of birthdays and anniversaries. Between the pages was a love letter he wrote to his wife - her grandmother - during World War II. “I read the letter and thought about the importance of stories. The idea came to my mind to create a project in which I could preserve these stories,”says Lauren. Three years ago, she started photographing couples who have been married for over 50 years! Lauren takes photos, older couples tell their own stories. This is a lesson for lovers of all ages. Starting the project, Lauren thought that these couples knew the secret of a happy life together, some important rule for relationships and love to last as long as possible, but now she understands that there is no secret. It's just love.

1. Angie Terranova on her relationship with her husband: “When you have lived hand in hand for decades, you do not notice aging at all. It is very important. Nobody thinks that tomorrow you will be 84 and you will grow old even more. Rejoice at every joint moment."

2. Moses Rubinstein is 88 years old, and his wife is 85. All they want is to live together for at least another 5-6 years: “We hope to wait for the weddings of our grandchildren. This is the most important thing after not wanting to be alone."

3. Evgeny Kissin: “I met my wife at a dance in 1938. A friend invited to dance and promised that there would be many beautiful girls. One guy has already approached my future wife, but she refused him to dance. I was afraid, but I took a chance. And so it all started."

4. Leila Ramos: “We are getting old and this cannot be avoided. But we do not change in our hearts, and every day our feelings only grow stronger. At least that's how I feel and believe that my husband does too. He is my first love."

5. Golda Pollack: “We knew each other before the war. However, he was much older and did not pay attention to me. After returning from the war, we got to know each other better. It was not love at first sight. In August we will celebrate 63 years of marriage."

6. Sheila Newman: “I had to write a piece on music. Mom advised me to contact David. He said that he would help, but only on condition that I would still write the work myself. Music is what brought us together. And then he invited me to a meeting of army friends."

7. Yakov Shapirstein: “What is the secret of love? Sorry, I am not revealing my secrets."

8. Fred and Fran Futterman: “We must not forget that times have changed. We met in 1939, we had no money. Our company always met in the apartment of our mutual friend Betty. There were no such things as dates or romantic dinners in restaurants. For us, these things were not there, because we had no money. So we just enjoyed each other's company."

9. Jing Lin Chen and Lai Mei Chen: “We met in China. I was on vacation in another city, and we only met for three days. We lived very far from each other, so when I returned home, correspondence began between us. We didn't even have telephones at the time! We wrote letters every week, but they went on for 20 days. So we corresponded for five years."

10. Abe and Gene Small: “On April 14th we will celebrate our 68th anniversary. Yes, you heard right! Friends ask how I managed to find a woman like Jin. I have only one explanation - I prayed."

11. Saul and Gloria Holtzman: “I was the type of girl who falls in love at first sight.Therefore, often the next day after we met, I already told my friends that I fell head over heels in love! But after the first date with Saul, I didn't feel it. I think this only proves that one cannot judge by first impression. Not everything happens at once, but over time, getting to know a person better, you fall in love with him more and more."

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