A Man Whose Index Finger Is Shorter Than His Ring Finger: What Does This Mean

A Man Whose Index Finger Is Shorter Than His Ring Finger: What Does This Mean
A Man Whose Index Finger Is Shorter Than His Ring Finger: What Does This Mean

Video: A Man Whose Index Finger Is Shorter Than His Ring Finger: What Does This Mean

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Scientists from different parts of the world were so interested in the influence of finger length on a man's character that they even invented the "Manning index" - an indicator that indicates the ratio of the lengths of certain fingers: the ring and forefinger, which are responsible for behavioral features, the tendency to choose certain activities, etc.


Men whose index finger is shorter than the ring finger: who are they?

Aggressive natures and tyrants. Scientists from Canada published their research in the journal "Biological Psychology". They found the following connection: the shorter the index finger, compared to the length of the ring finger, the more a man is prone to aggressive behavior. In calm representatives of the strong half, the ratio of the length of the fingers is completely opposite. Not philologists, but the owners of a mathematical mindset. Psychologists from England conducted tests among schoolchildren and found that boys with a ring finger longer than their index finger scored high on math tests, but they performed much worse on verbal problems. They are in good health. Researchers from Athens published the results of their observations in the newspaper "Independent". Study participants who have a hand with a longer ring finger than an index finger displayed the following characteristics: a tendency to fertility, and a fairly low likelihood of getting heart disease. Such persons are distinguished by hyperactivity, excel in fencing, dancing and other sports. However, these men are still prone to depression, as it is difficult for them to express their thoughts.

Other studies

After conducting a series of studies, scientists from McGill University found that the level of hormones in the womb forms the palm of the child, and also further affects his character and behavior in adulthood.

In "Personality and Individual Differences" appeared the results of research scientists who determined the following relationship: the shorter the length of the index finger, when compared with the ring finger, the more testosterone was in the womb during pregnancy. Wearers of such hands usually have very attractive facial features, since the abundance of testosterone has a positive effect on a man's appearance.

Having studied more than 150 participants for 20 days, scientists have found that men with this feature of the fingers have a tendency to frequent changes in sexual partners, as well as cheating. This only means that men whose ring finger is longer than the index finger are only at risk, but this does not mean that such a partner is 100% likely to cheat on his chosen one.

Other research has been conducted at McGill University. One of them was attended by over a hundred men aged 20 or more. The subject of study is the relationship between the length of the fingers and the length of the penis. As a result of observations, scientists have found that the owners of the index finger, which is shorter than the ring finger, have a larger penis in an erect state than men with the same finger length or opposite to that indicated above. The researchers also identified another interesting pattern, but already within the group of men of interest, that the greater the difference between the ring and index fingers, the greater the size of male dignity.

The scientists not only pleased the owners of the short index finger, but also managed to upset. They found that such men have a predisposition to a dangerous disease - prostate cancer.

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