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How To Get Sexy
How To Get Sexy

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Sexual attraction and arousal is one of the indicators of human health, both physical and psychological. Therefore, noticeable fluctuations in this area should not be ignored. Otherwise, before you have time to look back, life without sex will begin to seem comfortable, and cats will win the place of men in your heart.


What you can do yourself: Think about the reasons

Just don't habitually blame stress and the environment - lack of interest in sex often has more mundane reasons. I haven’t been on vacation for a long time, I’m in trouble with finances, the child is ill, you yourself take medication (and a variety of drugs, from sedatives to antihistamines, can inhibit sexual function) - the list goes on and on. So look in your life for reasons that do not allow you to be distracted by sex, and think about what you could do to solve the problem. You know that mankind has come up with a lot of ways to deal with nervous strain, depression and side effects of medications? An au pair can sometimes do more for your sex life than fashionable breathing practices and forced viewing of porn films.

As you dig into the reasons for your sudden indifference to sex, do not forget to think about the person with whom you, in fact, are not in the mood to frolic. Answer yourself honestly: you don't want sex at all, or just with a man who again-forgot-to-buy-bread-although-you-asked-a hundred times-times? Unfortunately, the female libido is directly related to the head, more precisely, to the resentment and irritation lurking there. And so far there is no other way to solve problems in a couple, except to talk about them: preferably - without tears, personal transition and manipulation, perhaps - together with a psychotherapist, in extreme cases - in the presence of a lawyer. A partnership only makes sense if it makes people happy.

Energize your hormonal system

They say that in some girls, sexual attraction is exacerbated at the sight of expensive gifts, but physiologists assure that sexual interest depends on the uninterrupted synthesis of the necessary hormones. This mechanism is arranged quite simply: if the necessary substances are enough for the secretion of estrogen, testosterone and other intoxicants, you feel sexier and the bed becomes not only a place to sleep. There are not enough consumables for synthesis - even a diamond ring will not help here.

Boost your libido on the shoulder of nutrition, just don't expect it to work like Viagra. What you eat regularly affects your endocrine system, so watch out for the healthy fat-rich nuts, vegetable oils, and fish. Zinc (found in seafood and pumpkin seeds) is another hero of the sex diet: this element regulates the level of testosterone in the blood, and therefore your predisposition to intimacy. For the normal synthesis of female hormones of estrogen, it is important to include legumes in the menu - soy, beans, lentils.

Prolonged lack of sexual desire, which cannot be attributed to psychological problems in a couple, may be associated with disorders in the thyroid gland. Endocrinologists know how to determine this for sure, do not hesitate to visit a doctor.

Love yourself

More precisely, do something to please yourself. The vicious circle: “I think I’m fat” - “I’ll start to be shy” - “I will inform the man that having sex with me is a dubious pleasure” - “Well, I don’t need any intimacy” - it is not easy to break, but it is important. Find your way to increase your confidence and self-esteem. For some, in order to become sexy, it is enough to put on something beautiful: without realizing it, the girl begins to behave more relaxed.Others, in order to please themselves and free their heads for thoughts about sex, need to earn a million or get rid of a couple of kilograms. You will have to work on accepting yourself as a person in any case, but the goal is quite achievable, right?

Add emotions

You don't need a property damage scandal, but a thrill that guarantees an adrenaline rush. The hormonal jolt - which, as an option, can be obtained during sports at high speeds, horror quests, on attractions - helps to cheer up and break out of the routine. Ideally, if you go through extreme emotions with your partner - so you can be sure that the vectors of your activity and readiness for sex coincide.

Once a week is the optimal amount of sex for a feeling of happiness in a couple, say Canadian scientists and refer to a survey of 25,000 people.

What You Can Do Together: Declare a Sex Moratorium

It sounds strange, but abstinence can be very useful for intimate life, provided that it is announced for a clear time and is perceived by both participants in the experiment as a game. The forbidden fruit is sweet and desirable, and an agreement not to make love, but to show each other signs of attention and flirt, can spur the mutual interest of the sexes. However, do not forget to monitor your own feelings: if the immunity regime does not cause any emotions or is perceived with relief, the problems are deeper than you would like, and you cannot let them go by themselves.

Touch each other

Gentle touching is not yet sex, but a way to stay in touch when the intimate life for some reason is not boiling. Fleeting expressions of attention, preferably causing goosebumps on the skin, are just what you need. Think about the actions of your partner your body responded to when your romance was just beginning. Perhaps you liked the way he kissed you on the neck while helping to button your dress, or stroked your back before falling asleep. It's time to gently, without accusatory intonations, inform the man that you would be pleased to return to these rituals. At the same time, ask what kind of touches he remembers and is not averse to receiving from you. A lot of people underestimate the power of a simple hug, but you now know how important it is.

Hand and heart application

A rare case where mobile toys promote good sex is Luxuria Superbia. At first glance, this is an ordinary race through the tunnel, of which there are many. But no. To score points, you need to show tenderness, sensuality and attentiveness, which are very useful during intimate meetings. In general, an excellent master class for those who need to get away from everyday life and tune in to the desired mood.


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