Life Experience Or PR Campaign? The MP Compared The Availability Of Women With A Can Of Beer

Life Experience Or PR Campaign? The MP Compared The Availability Of Women With A Can Of Beer
Life Experience Or PR Campaign? The MP Compared The Availability Of Women With A Can Of Beer

Video: Life Experience Or PR Campaign? The MP Compared The Availability Of Women With A Can Of Beer

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The candidate for the post of the head of Yakutia, Alexander Silin, published a message on Facebook, in which he spoke about disappointments in the relationship between a man and a woman. He is sure that getting to the girls' bodies has become as easy as opening a can of beer. The experts interviewed by "360" believe that his statements are a planned PR move.


The candidate for the post of the head of Yakutia, deputy Alexander Silin, posted a post on Facebook. He decided to reflect on the relationship between men and women, or rather, about disappointments in them. According to the deputy, irresponsible decisions are to blame. “In order to get to know each other, there has always been a so-called“candy-bouquet period”when a man takes care of a woman. Appearance, gifts shows his ability to provide for a future family, "- wrote Silin on the social network.

Previously, a man also tried to interest a woman with a sense of humor and intelligence, showing that he could adequately raise future children. “By courtesy, manners, he shows respect for a woman. As a result, the woman evaluates him as a reliable husband, a caring father. Only after such a long and thorough check does a decent girl trust herself to a man,”the deputy said.

In our time, women, according to Silin, have become more accessible. Their body opens as easily as a can of beer. In this situation, she is more likely to "run into" a goat, which on the first date "climbs into her panties." Accessibility cuts off "decent men who are not interested in the" slut ".

The deputy called chastity the secret of a healthy relationship. The more a woman resists a man, the more correct her choice will be. “The goats will be eliminated immediately, and decent men will come, for whom the family is in the first place, not sex,” Silin summed up.

Attract attention

State Duma deputy Alexander Starovoitov believes that such topics should be approached substantively, and not rhetorically.

"To what extent does he [Silin] have the right to draw such conclusions?" - the parliamentarian said in an interview with "360". Starovoitov admitted that Silin had a bitter experience. If his words are based on something, then you need to find out about the veracity of his research and respondents. For example, about the number of successful and unsuccessful acquaintances lately. All other conversations on this topic will be just a shake of air, the deputy said.

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According to Starovoitov, people allow such statements after many life failures. But to say that women have become more accessible is impossible. Women and men are exactly the same at all times. Relationships began to seem more mundane only because of the means of communication. If society has become a little dissolute, it is only because of what we see on television, the interlocutor is sure.

Natalya Panfilova, a psychologist at the Happy Family Center, suggested that the deputy’s statement could only be a desire to attract attention.

Here [in the publication] is an opinion that will hook many people - both men and women. There will be such a resonance, one way or another. His behavior is generally reminiscent of the behavior of trolls who are trying to hook the audience, so that some kind of discussion, some kind of dispute ensues. He deliberately introduces an ambiguous opinion, it is clearly a private opinion, and not the opinion of the majority, just so that this majority would argue with him and object to him

Natalia Panfilov is a psychologist.

Such a publication will be very offensive for women, despite the fact that windy girls have been at all times. According to the psychologist, this is just a planned PR campaign that will definitely draw attention to the deputy.

The interlocutor "360" saw in Silin's words an element of personal history. Perhaps the deputy wanted a close relationship with such a girl, but she rejected him. Perhaps, the psychologist believes, that is why he endures his offense as the opinion of the majority, although this is just a "private story."

Panfilova is sure that family values ​​have not lost their importance in modern society. Some young couples are either busy with work in order to subsequently provide the child with everything they need, or they just want to start a family later.

State Duma Deputy Leonid Kalashnikov drew attention to the fact that Silin decided to become a "champion of such morals" a few days before the election. “Most often, such statements are made before the elections in order to attract this or that electorate. Sometimes this affects the voter. He spoke precisely in this connection, and not because he saw the light, "- the interlocutor of" 360 "is sure.

Prodigal Single Mothers

Previously, the deputy has already published such reflections on social networks. A few days ago on his Facebook page, he spoke about single mothers. He called such women deeply unhappy, who exchanged family values ​​for "a second dubious pleasure."

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“Everyone would like to get married, attend their wedding as a princess in a white dress. Each would like to fall asleep and wake up with her only beloved husband. Each would like to experience the shocks of a nascent life together with her husband. But they deliberately exchanged this happiness, "Celine wrote. According to the deputy, the "prodigal girls" began to prove that they are not like that.

A dispute unfolded in the comments. Some subscribers suggested that Silin become a concierge, since this position is as close as possible to his statements. Others even criticized his attitude towards single mothers.

The Russian Orthodox Church, on the contrary, invites everyone to support mothers who have decided to give birth to a child alone. Back in 2006, Patriarch Alexy II urged to protect women from sidelong glances and condemnation of the crowd. One of the reasons is that many modern women refuse to give birth, as they see this as an unnecessary burden, which in turn condemns the church.

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