Bring Back The Passion: Choosing 5 Positions For Sensual Sex

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Bring Back The Passion: Choosing 5 Positions For Sensual Sex
Bring Back The Passion: Choosing 5 Positions For Sensual Sex

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If you are tired of the classics, and the sensations have dulled, we will tell you how to diversify your intimate life


Chances are, you already have a favorite sex position that brings you the highest pleasure. However, over time, the classics become boring and the body already has the necessary impressions so that the sensations do not dull. Here are five positions that, when done correctly, will provide an incredible orgasm.


If you are a busy person, this position will be very useful - you will not overexert yourself. The bottom line is that the woman lies relaxed on the bed and holds the back with her hands. The partner is on top. The woman brings her legs together, and the man spreads: at this time, powerful stimulation of the clitoris occurs. Sexologists recommend tightening the vaginal muscles harder in this position for even stronger sensations.

Horsewoman (option on the back)

The partner sits comfortably on the bed in a lying position, the woman also lies on top at this time. For greater convenience, the partner needs to rest their feet on the bed so as not to slip during the process. In this position, you can allow both classic penetration and anal sex, which will be comfortable for both man and woman.


Deep Penetration Pose. The woman lies down on any comfortable horizontal surface and raises her legs 90 degrees. The man at this time is either in a standing position or kneels down. During the process itself, a man can change the position of a woman's legs to regulate the depth of penetration. The position is suitable for lovers of passionate sex, but it will be unpleasant if you experience discomfort during deep penetration.


The man sits down on the sofa or bed, and the woman turns her back to him and sits on top. For greater convenience, a man should hold his partner by the hips, controlling the pace and depth of penetration. Deep frictions should not be expected, and therefore the pose is ideal if the partner is much larger than the woman.

The spoon

This pose is ideal during pregnancy. The woman lies on her side either with her back or facing her partner. The man joins in behind and enters neatly. In this position, the female G-spot will be fully stimulated, which will provide an incredible orgasm without fear of harming a woman in a delicate position.

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