They Just Don't Want To: Why Do Young People Say No To Sex

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They Just Don't Want To: Why Do Young People Say No To Sex
They Just Don't Want To: Why Do Young People Say No To Sex

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Psychologists are sounding the alarm - the new generation has become less active in terms of sex. We decided to figure out what is the reason for the voluntary refusal of sex.

In an age where sex is more accessible than ever, young people are increasingly finding other ways to enjoy a pleasant evening. Why do young people voluntarily refuse sex? Let's try to figure it out.

According to surveys in the States alone, about half of young people aged 18 to 28 have not tried sex and said, horrified, that this part of their life did not interest them too much. Psychologists have called this phenomenon a "recession in sexual activity," and there may be several reasons why young people have become less sexually active than the previous generation.

Too much parental pressure

Our parents want only the best for us, but sometimes they themselves create problems for their child. Starting from the old school, the family turns all the attention of a young person to getting an education and becoming a specialist in their field. At the same time, the personal part of life is moved by relatives somewhere far away, because of which the young man begins to get used to the fact that it is possible to live without sex, because now this is not the main thing - such an attitude was given to him by his parents.

Self-esteem problems

Photoshopped stars and models with perfect bodies and faces look at us from all glossy pages, the average girl is very far from the “glossy standard”, which she knows very well, and therefore is sure that a man will never pay attention to her. Fearing criticism of the opposite sex, young girls deliberately deprive themselves of the joys of sex.

Partner finder apps

Initially, they were created to simplify the search for a soul mate, but the creators got the opposite effect: the selection of candidates became even tougher than in real life. Even if you liked a person, it is not a fact that he liked you, and on the Internet, as you know, it is much easier to be decisive, therefore potential partners often do not skimp on expressing dissatisfaction with a person, which, naturally, damages the self-esteem of the second.

Negative sexual experience

Not everyone understands that sex in a porn film is "done by professionals", so any action in such a movie does not bring discomfort to everyone involved. Young and inexperienced lovers try to repeat all the same in life, without properly preparing, for example, for anal sex. As a rule, after such experiences, thoughts about sex visit young people less and less.

Interests for every taste

The Internet allows us to communicate with anyone and get what we want from anywhere in the world, in this situation the need for personal contact passes by itself. It is believed that sex is almost the main human need. It is debatable, of course, given that no one has died from his absence. People have a new need - to know themselves, to engage in self-development, to build relationships with another person is much more difficult, and therefore young people make a decision in favor of revealing their own potential.

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