How To Tell Your Partner About Sexual Fantasies

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How To Tell Your Partner About Sexual Fantasies
How To Tell Your Partner About Sexual Fantasies

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Couples do not always have free sexual relations. Many may feel embarrassed to express their feelings and desires, even after being in a relationship for a long time. Some of the partners may be silent, tolerate and be afraid to admit that they would like change or diversity. And sometimes, on the contrary, to pretend and say how wonderful everything is, although in reality this may not be entirely true.

I sincerely believe that the simplest and most effective method for rapprochement and emancipation can rightfully be called "sexual writing". Having written such a message, the couple will immediately step over to a new stage of their alliance.

So where do you start?

Step 1. Take it and do it

Do not be lazy, pick up a pen and a piece of paper. Sit down at a table and focus. It's no secret that in the high-tech world, people have less and less to write by hand. Gadgets, phones, tablets - manuscripts have gone far into the background. But what is the secret of a handwritten letter? You pass all your feelings and emotions directly through your hand to the paper. No wonder there are sayings about the outpouring of the soul on a piece of paper. The manuscript is always more mindful than the printed text. Find 30-40 minutes in your busy schedule. Sit down, relax, think about your partner and your desires for him. Thoughts themselves will flow to the paper.

Step 2. Talking to the body

Once you've found the time for your sex letter, move on to the next step. Here you sit and are ready to write. But first, talk to your body, openly and frankly. Ask him: “My dear body, what are you missing now? What would you like to experience? What are you ready for? What experiments will you go for? " Relax and get started. Write by listening to your body's feedback. Listen to his call. Imagine, dream, fantasize and try to catch a response. Be honest with yourself first.

Step 3. Don't be shy

Why do you think I want to tell you about the "Sexual Writing" method? It is often much more difficult for us to express feelings and thoughts in words, looking into the eyes of our partner. Everything starts to get confused in the head, something is forgotten. A good thought, as they say, comes after. But with the letter, the opposite is true. In front of you is only a sheet of paper, and nothing at all confuses! Unleash your feelings and imaginations. Open up to the fullest. Write down all your desires, feelings, thoughts. Tell us about what positions and in what surroundings you would like to make love with your partner next time. Let you have no boundaries and boundaries. Perhaps you were afraid to say earlier that you would like to try anal sex, or oral stimulation of some special places in your body. Or maybe you want to change the bedroom to a more exotic location. The partner, having read the letter, will decide for himself what he is ready for, and what to postpone. And be sure to tell about what is not right for you right now.

It is important that nothing distracts you at this moment. Disconnect your phone for a while. And be sure to undress. If you write a letter naked, your inner energy will come out even faster on paper, and your partner will definitely feel it when he reads it.

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