Hot Desires: Sexual Fantasies That Drive Him Crazy

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Hot Desires: Sexual Fantasies That Drive Him Crazy
Hot Desires: Sexual Fantasies That Drive Him Crazy

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A man is not always ready to admit what he wants from you in bed, but we figured out how to delight him.

There is no person who would never come up with a scenario for a sexual game, another thing is that not everyone will dare to make their fantasies come true. And not everyone is ready to voice their desires to the other half. However, we have collected the main male fantasies that a considerable number of the stronger sex draws in their heads to make it easier for you to navigate the complex world of male sexual dreams.

Oral sex

Quite a popular form of sex, but you will be surprised at what a small percentage of men decide to ask a woman about it. If you have never practiced oral sex, this does not mean that your man does not want it. Just try it next time, his reaction is likely to surprise you.

Two girls

A man needs to feel his importance and power, so his nature arranged it. When several women want him at once, it incredibly turns on almost any man, especially not too confident in himself. Think, maybe you have someone to invite the third?

Anal sex

Yes, not a very pleasant process for a woman, but men go crazy. For couples who have been in a relationship for a long time, this is a great way to diversify sex, but still a woman needs to tune in, and a man does not insist and act carefully. Try it!


For many men, peeping alone is a powerful stimulant, which is why the stronger sex is so dependent on porn content. If you do not share your partner's "hobbies", try inviting the man to watch a movie with mild sensuality to spur him on, and not to feel disgust at what is happening on the screen.

Adult experienced woman

Not only do young girls fantasize about grown-up and experienced men, among young men there is a large percentage of those who do not mind spending the night with a mature woman. Usually, it will not be difficult for a young man to find a partner much older, since "deeply married" women over 40 and even over 50 do not mind spending time with a young lover, but this relationship often remains a secret.

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